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The Founders’ Circle

The Founders’ Circle was established in 2016 in order to recognise outstanding lifetime philanthropic contributions to The Courtauld. Named in tribute to the three original funders of The Courtauld, benefactors who have supported the institution’s mission at a transformational level are invited to join this society.

AKO Foundation – a charitable foundation established by Nicolai and Katja Tangen †
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
The Annenberg Foundation
Blavatnik Family Foundation *
Deborah Loeb Brice Foundation *
The Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation
Nicholas and Jane Ferguson †
Fondation Louis Vuitton
The Garcia Family Foundation (U.K.) Limited
The Garfield Weston Foundation
Dr Martin Halusa
International Music and Art Foundation
The J. Paul Getty Trust *
The Linbury Trust
Oak Foundation
Dr Lisbet Rausing and Professor Peter Baldwin
Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation *
Lord Rothschild OM GBE
The Sackler Trust
The Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Supporting the Courtauld in 2018/19

We extend our warmest thanks to all donors listed below, and those who wish to remain anonymous, for their generosity and commitment to The Courtauld’s mission of ‘art for all’. This list recognises all new single gifts, pledges and ongoing pledge instalments totally £1,000 and above, received for The Courtauld between 1 August 2018 and 31 July 2019.

We have made every effort to list correctly the names of all donors included in this publication, and to honour the requests of those who wish to remain anonymous. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Sarah Atkinson in the Development office: sarah.atkinson@courtauld.ac.uk


AKO Foundation – a charitable foundation established by Nicolai and Katja Tangen
Blavatnik Family Foundation
Deborah Loeb Brice Foundation *
The Garcia Family Foundation (U.K.) Limited
Garfield Weston Foundation
The J Paul Getty Trust
International Music and Art Foundation
The Linbury Trust
Fondation Louis Vuitton
The National Lottery Heritage Fund
Oak Foundation
The Sackler Trust

Major Donors

The American Foundation for The Courtauld Institute of Art *
The Band Trust
Mr Luca and Mrs Anna Benedetto
Veronica M Bulgari *†
Daniel Katz Ltd
DCMS/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund
Edward Dolman *
Dr Michael and Anna Brynberg Charitable Foundation
The Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation
The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Edgbaston Investment Partners LLP
Fidelity UK Foundation
The Finnis Scott Foundation
The Frank Jackson Foundation
The Friends of the Courtauld Institute
Robert Y C Ho
The Jungels-Winkler Charitable Foundation
The A.G. Leventis Foundation
Mr and Mrs Gilbert Lloyd, Nassau, Bahamas †
Mark and Liza Loveday
Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection in Georgia
Edna & Mandy Moross *
McQueens Flowers
Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock
The Samuel Courtauld Trust
The Schroder Foundation
The Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Terra Foundation for American Art
The Bridget Riley Art Foundation


Ambrose & Ann Applebe Trust
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Anna Plowden Trust
Farah Asemi and Hassan Alaghband
Tom and Sara Attwood
The Aurelius Charitable Trust
Richard and Mara Aylmer
Hugh and Jane Bedford
Keith Benham
John Treacy and Darcy Beyer *
Bill and Judy Bollinger
Sir Leszek Krzysztof Borysiewicz
Charmian Caines
Julian and Jenny Cazalet
Nicholas Clarry
The John S Cohen Foundation
Georgina Craufurd †
Professor James Cuno *‡
Beatrice Del Favero *†
Anthony Diamond
Dr. Lee MacCormick Edwards Charitable Foundation *
Giuseppe Eskenazi
Kaywin Feldman *†
Nicholas and Jane Ferguson
Mr Sam Fogg †
Hannah S Fullgraf *†
Dr Rosamond D Harley †
The Headley Trust
Sir Michael and Lady Heller
Philip Hudson
James Hughes-Hallett and Katrina Repka
The Iran Heritage Foundation
Jay DeFeo Foundation *
John Eskenazi Ltd
Nicholas and Jane Ferguson
Eugenia and Thomas Korossy †
See notes
Christian C Levett
Catherine Lewis Foundation
Daniella Luxembourg, London
Lyon & Turnbull Auctioneers
Magic of Persia
Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation *
Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission
The Martineau Family Charity †
Max-Liebermann-Gesellschaft e.V.
Bruce McCoy *
The Honourable Christopher McLaren
Minerva Magazine
Sir Michael Moritz KBE *
Melissa C Morris *†
Peter Murray-Smith
Sally Osman
Pennsylvania State University
P F Charitable Trust
The Pilgrim Trust (tbc)
Ian Plover ‡
Goldman Sachs Gives, at the request of The Lucinda and Edward Siskind Family Fund *
Soudavar Memorial Foundation
South Square Trust
Sonnet Stanfill †
The Stanley Picker Trust
Andrew Sutton
Professor Deborah Swallow ‡
The Barakat Trust
Thriplow Charitable Trust
Tinsley Charitable Trust
Vinci Facilities
Johanna Waterous
Richard West and Claire Shiells †
William Brake Charitable Trust
Woodmansterne Art Conservation Awards
Katherine Zock *†

Additionally, legacy bequests received from:
Harley Preston
Rita M Smith
Anne Olivier Bell * (gift of books)
Professor Michael Hirst FBA *‡ (gift of books kindly donated by Diane Zervas Hirst)

The Courtauld Fund 2018/19

Thank you to all 416 donors – including those listed below and those who wish to remain anonymous – who gave to The Courtauld Fund appeal between 1 August 2018 and 31 July 2019. The campaign raised £151,200, which will be used to support key areas within The Courtauld.
John Adams
Tania Adams †
Bill and Nini Aldridge
Dr Tanya Alfille †
Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton †
William Ambler *†
Ambrose & Ann Applebe Trust
Dr James Anderson †
Martin Andrew †
Richard Aronowitz-Mercer †
Norton Asbury †
Farah Asemi and Hassan Alaghband
Linda Ashworth †
Drs M and CE Atkin
Tom and Sara Attwood
Helen Auty
Mara and Richard Aylmer
Mrs Libby Wardle †‡
Sussan Babaie ‡
Dr Jane Bailey
Sarah C Bancroft †
Ariane Bankes †
Professor Stephen Bann
Dr Emma Barker †
Dr Richard Barling †
Dr Wendy Baron †
Julian Barran
James Barton
Sarah Baxter
Mary Rose Beaumont †
Dr Shulamith Behr ‡
Luca Benedetto †
Keith Benham
Charlotte Benton †
Paul Berry
Prudence Bliss †
Julia Boadle †
Tessa Boteler
Professor Bruce A Boucher †
Dr Alixe E Bovey †‡
Mr Roger Bowman ‡
Professor Sir Alan Bowness †‡
Dr Simon Bradley †
Dr Christina Bradstreet †
Robin Broadhurst CVO CBE FRICS
Dr Grace Brockington †
Dr Xanthe Brooke †
Jessica M Brown †
Sallie Bryan
Nick and April Bueno de Mesquita †
Elizabeth Buhe *†
Lady (Adam) Butler
David and Jane Butter
Tom Caley †
Dr Caroline Campbell and Dr John Goodall †‡
Joanna Cannon †‡
Isabel C Carr
Elizabeth Cashman †
Mrs Sabine Casparie †
Anne Castling
Janine Catalano †‡
Deborah Cazalet †
Dr Richard S Chafee *†
John Chalker
Ellen M Charlesworth †
Judith Chatfield *†
Wendy Chetwin in memory of Dee Ashton
Heather Cheung
Dr Philip Cheung
Sheila Christie
CIS Security
Lesley Cogan
Dr Nicola Coldstream †
Dr William L Coleman *†
Sara Collar ‡
Clare Coope †
Jo Cottrell
Professor Elizabeth Cowling †
Nick Cox
Georgina Craufurd †
Imogen E Crockford ‡
Professor James Cuno *‡
Professor Trevor Dannatt
Lizzie Darbyshire †
Emma Davidson ‡
Peter Dawkins
Diana de Froment †‡
Darryl de Prez †
Georgina Davis †
David Derby
Melissa Diaz
Dr Sally Dixon-Smith †
Nova Dobb
Isabel M Docherty †
Miles Dodd
Barry Dodge †
Dr Sally Dormer †
John Draper
Mr Peter Draper †‡
Eric Drewery
Pamela Drinnan
Theo Druyven
Anne R Duke †
Hymie Dunn ‡
Carol Durkin *
Dr Rebecca Easby *†
Dr Antony D Eastmond †‡
Hetty Einzig †
John Elderfield *†
Peter Ellemann
David Elliott †
Catherine Errington
James Ewing *†
Exeon Limited
Sarah Fallon ‡
Kaywin Feldman *†
Alice Fenyoe
Natalia Fenyoe ‡
The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund *
Mr Alan Figgis
Gabriele M Finaldi †
Elliott & Susie Fineman in honor of Lila Kanner *
Anna Fletcher
Sibylla Jane Flower †
Dr Susan Foister †
Francis Ford
Anna Forty
Mrs Judith Foster
Lucy A Garrett †
Nicola Gatt †
Nicky Gavron †
Dr Malcolm Gee †
Richard Gibson †
Briony J Gimson †
John Glaves-Smith †
Sandra P Gohn *
Sophie Goldspink
Mr George Gordon
Mr Hugh M Gorton
Maggie Gray †
Dr Susan Green †
Nigel Grey-Turner
Alastair I Grieve †
Julie Grisman
Mr John Grundon
Pierre-Yves Guillemet †
Penelope Gurland †
Angus Haldane †
Nicholas Hall †
Sarah Hall ‡
Dr Stephanie Hall ‡
Lucia V Halpern and John Davies
Sabrina Harcourt-Smith †
Dr John Hare *
Ms Jenny Harper †
Mr Keith Hartley †
Margaret Dunwoody Hausberg *†
Georgiana L Head †
Mr Terry Hefford ‡
Dr Kathryn Heleniak *†
Sir Launcelot Henderson
Lisa Henderson (nee Heale) †
Mary G Herms *
Lady Heseltine †
Helen Higgins †‡
Jean Higginson
Constance Hill †‡
Paul Hills †‡
Jeannie Chapel †
Barry Hoffbrand
Alice S Holohan †
Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Holt
Miss Denise Hooker †
Isabel Horovitz Blake †‡
Jill House
Deborah J Howard †‡
Philip Hudson
James Hughes-Hallett and Katrina Repka
Mary Hustings
Emily Iin †
Rose Isepp †
Iain Jack
Helen Janecek †
Dr Helen Jessup *†
Karen Jones, Citywealth
Nicholas and Maria Jones
Wendy Jordan
Alexander T Kader †
Lila Kanner ‡
Dr Martin Kauffman †‡
Diana Kay
Mrs Mae Keary
Francis P Kelly †
Dr Kary Kelly ‡
Oonagh Kennedy †
Dr Jerzy J Kierkuc-Bielinski †‡
Ms Annette King †
Jo Atkinson
KM Data Cabling Ltd
Camilla S Knight ‡
Caroline Knight †
Eugenia and Thomas Korossy †
Latifa Kosta
Alastair Laing †
Nicholas Lambert †
Sophie A Lambert †
David Lane †
Rita Laven
Andrew Lee *†
Patrick Legant †
Mrs Sally Lescher †
Lisa Lindstrom *†
Marco Livingstone †
Oliver Lloyd †
Stuart Lochhead and Sophie Richard †
Barry Lock
Anthony Loehnis
Jess Loftus ‡
Morgan Long †
Mary Longford †
Professor John Lowden †‡
Michael Macaulay †
Dr Alison Maguire †
Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation *
Sophie Mallinckrodt
Sharon Manitta †
Charles and Sue Marriott
Benjamin Marsden
Simon J Martin †
The Martineau Family Charity †
Jay Massey †
Dr Andrew McClellan *†
Bruce McCoy *
James McDonaugh †
The Honourable Christopher McLaren
Matthew McLendon *†
Miss P McPeake
Dr Melissa McQuillan †
Amanda L Mead †
Helen Meakins
Sage Mehta *
The Mennell Family, North Yorkshire
Dr Sarah Meschutt *†
Geraldine van Heemstra †
Judith M Mitchell
Paul Mitchell †
Dr Sarah Monks †‡
Gail Turner (Mooney) †
Finola Moore
Jennifer Moore †
Barbara A Murek *†
Catherine Murray †
John and Jenny Murray
Peter & Maggie Murray-Smith
Professor Lisa Tickner and Sandy Nairne
Valerie Neild †‡
Chloe L Nelkin †
Susan Nettle
John Newman †‡
Minh Nguyen
Nicholas Rugoff Family Foundation *
Meredith Nichols †
Dr Tom Nickson †‡
Alicia Garcia †
Margaret-Louise O’Keeffe †
Mrs Tatiana Okhotina
Overhills Foundation *
Miss Lisa Baudains †
Katharine Claire Pace †
Michael Parsons †
David Pavey
Ms Carolyn Pearigen †
John and Gillian Pelton
Elizabeth A Pergam *†
Philippa Phelan
David Phillips †
Dr Elizabeth Philpot †
Claude Piening †
Ian Plover ‡
Rada P Popova
Marie Ann Prelog †
Dr Lara Pucci †
Mrs Anne Purchas †
Arlene Rabin
Pia Rainey ‡
Gillian Rathouse †
Dr Guido Rebecchini ‡
Donovan Rees †
Helena Rees-Mogg †
Margaret Richardson OBE †
Caroline Robinson
Dr D Keith Robinson
Gillian Robson †
David Rock ‡
Cynthia Rockney
Pauline Rohatgi †
Robert Romanes
Cora Rosevear *†
Peter Roth
Mr James Rothwell †
Brinda Roy †
Ulrik Runeberg †
Tony Rushton †
Magdalena Rynes
Hugh V Sadleir †
Andrea Saenz *†
Magda Salvesen *†
Clive Saville
Kimberly Schrimsher *†
Sir Nicholas Serota †
Dr Rupert Shepherd †
Hadi and Ban Shubber
Erwin Silbernagl
A John Silver & Cheryl E Silver *
Dr Amanda Simpson †
The Lucinda and Edward Siskind Family Fund *
Nathan Sivasambu
Holly Skeet †
Dr Ian Skidmore
Dr Susan Sloman †
Chris Smart
Alison Smith †
Arabella & Julian Smith
Mary Peskett Smith †
Anna Somers Cocks †
Alastair Sooke †
Catherine E Spencer †
Dr Paul Spencer-Longhurst †
Rachel Spiegel Gerstein *†
Mary-Alice Stack †
Rex Stanbridge
Sonnet Stanfill †
Clare Stansfield †
Robin Start
Jennifer Stewart †
Dr Peter Stewart ‡
Marjorie Stimmel
Sir Angus Stirling
Mandy Stockley
Jo Storey
John Summers †
Janis Susskind OBE
Dallas Richards
Professor Deborah Swallow ‡
Catherine Swarbrick
Richard Swift †
Philip A Sykas †
Margaret Tatton-Brown †
Andrew Templeton †
Betsy Thomas *†
Helen Thomson
Mr and Mrs Jeremy Thorp
Robert Thorpe ‡
Tinsley Charitable Trust
Adrian Trevelyan Thomas
Cathy Tribe
Peter Trippi *†
Patrick Troughton †
Pamela Turner
Sara E Turner *†
Dr Sarah Turner †
Anthony Tyrrell ‡
Diana and John Uff †
Thomas Van Oss
Dr Ernst Vegelin †‡
Vinci Facilities
Frederick C Walski Jr *
Vivian Wang *†
Rosie Watts
Sylvie Watts †
Dr Ursula Weekes †‡
Richard West and Claire Shiells †
Emma Whitaker
George and Patti White *
Anna Whitworth †
Fiona M Whyte †
Joan Wilcox
Rowena Willard-Wright †
Ashley A Williams *†
Maureen Williams
Helen Wilson
Hugh Wilson †
James J Wilson
James Winterbotham †
Chris Woodroofe
Robert Woodward
Sir Stephen and Lady Wright
Mary Yule †
Katherine Zock *†

The Samuel Courtauld Society 2018/19

The Samuel Courtauld Society is a high-level annual membership programme whose supporters play an important role in the life and work of The Courtauld. We offer grateful thanks to all current donor members and those who donated from 1 August 2018 and 31 July 2019.

Director’s Circle

Mrs Maya Adcock
Felix Appelbe
John Watson and Betsy Blackwell
The Lord Browne of Madingley
John Byford
Nicholas and Jane Ferguson †
Mr Sam Fogg †
Nicholas and Judith Goodison
Dr Martin and Susanne Halusa
Pauline Heerema
Lady Heseltine †
Morten and Dana Høegh
Nick Hoffman
James Hughes-Hallett and Katrina Repka
Eugenia and Thomas Korossy †
Mary Kuusisto and Matthew Santos
Mr Wah Leong and Ms Tina Cheong
Stuart Lochhead and Sophie Richard †
Christopher and Janey McLaren
Scott and Suling Mead
Amanda and Franck Petitgas †
Phillips Auction House
Robin and Bridget Pinchbeck
Derek and Inks Raphael
Charles Rose
Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock
Nicolai and Katja Tangen †
Mr Emilio Voli
Erik and Kimie Vynckier
John Watson and Betsy Blackwell *
Richard West †

Patron’s Circle

Geoffrey and Julian Agnew Trust
Lord and Lady Aldington
Giancarla and Michael Alen-Buckley
Portia A Buckley and Michael Lindley
Luke Alen-Buckley
Mr Sandy Arbuthnot
Sara Joline Bedford †
John G Bernasconi †
Julia Boadle †
Charles Booth-Clibborn
Elke and Michael von Brentano
David and Jane Butter
Isabel Carr
Julian and Jenny Cazalet
Mary Ellen Cetra
Colin Clark
John Nicoll and Laurence Colchester
Mark and Cathy Corbett †
Nick Coutts
Nova Dobb
Peter Duffy †
Roger and Rebecca Emery
Eykyn Maclean
Kathy Gilfillan
Lucía V Halpern and John Davies
Paula and Schuyler Henderson * †
Andrew Hochhauser QC †
Mike and Caroline Howes
Philip Hudson
Andrew Joy
James and Clare Kirkman
Lefevre Fine Art
William Lock
Anthony Loehnis CMG
Mark and Liza Loveday
Dr Chris Mallinson
Janet Martin
Clare Maurice
Mr Bruce McCoy
James McDonaugh †
John and Jenny Murray
Mr Morton Neal CBE and Mrs Neal
Elizabeth Nicholson †
John Nicoll and Laurence Colchester †
Michael Palin
Lord and Lady Phillimore
Faith Pleasanton *
Marie-Christine Poulain and Read Gomm †
Leslie Powell
Tineke Pugh
Lady Jennifer Rose
Dame Theresa Sackler
Richard and Susan Shoylekov
William Slee and Dr Heidi Bürklin-Slee
Christopher and Fiona Steane
Sara Stewart
Marjorie Stimmel
Sir Angus Stirling
Diana and John Uff †
Robert and Felicity Waley-Cohen
The Hon Nicholas and Lavinia Wallop
Helen Lee and David Warren *
George and Patricia White *
Richard Wintour
Roger Wolf
Lynne Woolfson †
Tim Yetman


Georgina Adam
Mrs Kate Agius †
James E S Barton
Amelie Beier
Sarah Boardman
Nick and April Bueno de Mesquita
Mr Oliver Colman
Richard Deutsch
Simon C Dickinson Ltd
Caroline Doggart
Marilyn Gasparini †
Cornelia Grassi †
Christopher J Gridley
Mrs Kathryn Gyngell
Edward Harley
Caroline Jackson
Latifa Kosta
Mr Timothy D Llewellyn
Raymond and Penelope Locke
Sir Frank Lowe
Maja Markowic
Amanda Mead
Virginia Morck †
Philip Mould Ltd
Jim Moyes
Peter Murray-Smith
Richard Oldfield
Simon and Midge Palley
James Palmer
Anne Povejsilova
Derek Searle
Anna Somers Cocks †
Mr Robert Stoppenbach
Professor Deborah Swallow ‡
Yvonne Tan Bunzl
Louisa Treger
The Ulrich Family
Johnny Van Haeften Ltd
The Weiss Gallery
Hugh Wilson †

And to all other donors including the Barry Family Foundation, and those wishing to remain anonymous

Gifts of Art

The following donors presented gifts of art, gratefully accepted by The Samuel Courtauld Trust:
Dr Donato Esposito †
The Spooner Charitable Trust
Helen Talbot

* Includes gifts made to the American Foundation for The Courtauld Institute of Art
† Denotes alumni of The Courtauld Institute of Art
‡ Denotes current and former staff


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