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Annual Fund 2015

2014/15 – a record breaking year!

For the academic year beginning on the 1 August 2014 and ending on the 31 July 2015, The Courtauld Annual Fund received donations from 510 supporters. A total of £130,321 was received, which includes tax reclaimed from Gift Aid of £13,131.09.

We are tremendously thankful to all those who supported the 2014/15 Annual Fund appeal and helped us achieve a record breaking year. Our 510 donors come from across the globe and from all walks of life – while nearly half our donors are alumni, we also receive many gifts from Friends of The Courtauld, Samuel Courtauld Society members, short course participants, parents of students, and more besides. It is enormously gratifying to see this diverse range of people getting involved, and to know that The Courtauld inspires great affection and generosity amongst such wide audiences.

Every year, we give donors the opportunity to decide what area of our work they wish to support. Here is how the funds raised in 2014/15 were allocated:


In the academic year 2014/15, £110,488 was raised to support the greatest need. This year, thanks to the significant increase in funds raised, we were able to focus the funds on various aspects of student support. It is incredibly important that our students have the best possible experience during their time at The Courtauld and are given the opportunity to make the most of their studies. Student support covers a vast range of services, such as having an Academic Support Tutor and councillor available for practical and emotional support; providing research grants for PhD students; funding language courses for BA
students; and ensuring that the Book Library is well stocked and has a wide range of online subscriptions and journals available to students. With your support, we are better placed to help our students to achieve their full potential.

The following examples show how student support makes such an important difference:

Research grants: In focus

Elizabeth Woolley (MA 2010)

Courtauld PhD students can apply for one off research grants to help gain additional skills to benefit their research. Elizabeth is an MPhil Conservation of Wall Paintings student:

In 2014 I was awarded funding to attend the XRF Boot Camp for Conservators, at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles, which covered theoretical and practical aspects of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy. The course was an excellent grounding in a technique which will be a core component of my PhD fieldwork. I am researching the materials and techniques of Victorian ecclesiastical wall paintings, and will analyse several case studies using the skills and knowledge gained. XRF spectroscopy identifies elements in a sample, and can therefore indicate which pigments were used in a painting. It is particularly useful given the many new chrome, cadmium and other pigments which were becoming available during Victorian material innovation.

Academic Support Tutor: In focus

Judy Corbalis, our academic support tutor, provides individual short-term and ongoing support for students who are falling behind or experiencing difficulties with their written work. This can happen for a variety of reasons: mental or physical health problems; sudden bereavement; home-sickness; the transition from school to university; studying in a foreign language; difficulties with organisation of work schedules associated with dyslexia or dyspraxia. Students can refer themselves but are frequently sent for help by their tutors. This is an extremely important service as, in conjunction with the other support services such as the counsellor and medical practice, it provides otherwise able students with the assistance they need to get back on track with their work.

SCHOLARSHIPS                                   £5,686

Thanks to the generous support from our Annual Fund donors, this year we had two students benefiting from Annual Fund scholarship funding.

Amarilli Rava
(MA 2010)

Amarilli is a PhD Conservation student. The topic of her research is focusing on understanding the mechanisms behind lifting and flaking of paint layers and how to best ensure preservation of the vulnerable painted surfaces. This year, her research took her to the Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI) in Switzerland where she will be carrying out most of the experimental part of her research, as well as the Mogao Grottoes in China.

I am extremely grateful for the generous scholarship received this year, which gave me the opportunity to fully commit to my study and on-site research.

Francesca Whitlum-Cooper
(MA 2010, PhD 2015)

Francesca completed her PhD in the 2014/15 academic year. Her thesis is titled “Itinerant Pastellists: Circuits of Movement in Eighteenth-Century Europe” and it explores the pastel medium through the prism of movement.

Courtauld scholarships have been absolutely transformative for me during my time at the Institute. I would not have been able to take my MA or PhD without funding. I am a proud Courtauld ambassador, and I will champion the Institute wherever possible in the years to come. I am hoping to gain work in a museum setting, where I know the rigorous academic training I received at the Courtauld will be highly valued. I thank you enormously for your generosity.

TEACHING AND RESEARCH            £6,294

LIBRARIES                                          £4,058

THE COURTAULD GALLERY           £2,998

CONSERVATION                                 £797

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You can also donate by cheque. This should be made payable to ‘The Courtauld Institute of Art Fund’ and sent to:

The Courtauld Annual Fund
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