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Annual Fund 2010

Annual Fund 2010


Annual funds go to work immediately to sustain and enhance The Courtauld’s programme and resources. Government support for higher education and cultural institutions has not kept pace with the rising costs of maintaining academic excellence. In 2010/11, the government will fund 32% of The Courtauld’s £11 million annual budget. Tuition fees will provide 20% and other income 16%. The rest of our budget, 32%, comes from private philanthropic sources such as The Courtauld Annual Fund.



Donors are responding to our Annual Fund appeals with increasing generosity and the 2010 Fund raised 31% more than the previous year’s campaign and 46% more than the 2008 Fund. In total, £60,970 was donated by a total of nearly 400 people. This sum will also attract additional matched funding from the Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE) of approximately £20,320 which will be directed to The Courtauld’s endowment fund.

According to the wishes of each donor, the contributions have been allocated as follows:


GREATEST NEED                                       £50,326

The Courtauld believes that for the discipline of art history to thrive and develop, it is essential to invest in training the leading teachers and academics of the future. And the only way in which young academics can develop their careers is by being given the opportunity to teach and develop new courses. The Courtauld’s Visiting Lectures Programme central to this goal and it is this programme that Annual Fund donors who elected to give support where the need is greatest will support in 2009/10.

The Programme provides advanced research students who are either currently completing or have recently completed their PhDs with the opportunity to teach Courtauld BA and MA students. For recent postgraduates, this Programme is an opportunity to gain invaluable expertise at the start of their teaching and academic career.

Experienced members of The Courtauld’s teaching staff mentor those Visiting Lecturers who are less experienced. This equips Visiting Lecturers with teaching skills and techniques suitable for their future employment.

Courtauld Visiting Lecturers particularly benefit undergraduate students, as Visiting Lecturer teaching forms part of their BA degree programme, either as a new opportunity for Visiting Lecturers to showcase sophisticated and in-depth knowledge of specific periods or fields of art history, or a chance for Visiting Lecturers to build upon The Courtauld’s existing courses through the use of their own PhD specialism.

The transition from student to teacher also serves as an opportunity for Visiting Lecturers still completing their PhD thesis to test out and refine ideas and, on a practical level, affords gifted PhD students who are not in receipt of full external funding the chance to earn money for subsistence.

Annual Fund donations in support of the greatest need together with £432.66 designated for teaching and research has been used towards The Courtauld’s Visiting Lecturers Programme.


GALLERIES AND CONSERVATION                   £2,135

Dr Ernst Vegelin van Claerbergen, Head of The Courtauld Gallery, has allocated the above donation towards the mounting, framing and display of the collection of contemporary prints given to us in May 2010 by Charles Booth-Clibborn, founder of the Paragon Press. The group of more than 25 prints includes examples by leading British contemporary artists including Hirst, Hume, Offili, the Chapman brothers, Kapoor, Quinn and Doig. A selection was included in The Courtauld Collects! 20 Years of Acquisitions and a further group is the focus of special display in room 12, curated by one of our student print room assistants.


LIBRARIES                                              £1,771

The Library subscribes to approximately 350 current journals. Titles are selected to reflect the teaching and research at The Courtauld, though the nature of journals is often more interdisciplinary. Annual Fund donations towards The Courtauld’s libraries have been applied this year towards the purchase of key art historical journals such as The Burlington Magazine, Art Bulletin and Art History.


STUDENT SUPPORT                                   £1,650

Ensuring that students can attend study visits abroad continues to be a priority for funds designated for student support. For example, as part of the MA course The City of Rome c.1420 – 1667, Dr Georgia Clarke led a group of seven students in a visit to Rome, helping them to consider the urban development of the city as a whole, as well as particular building projects, including the refashioning and rebuilding of St Peter’s.


SCHOLARSHIPS                                        £4,655

Thanks to sustained support from Annual Fund donors, Alexandra Burnett, The Courtauld Annual Fund Scholar, has successfully completed her MA in Curating the Art Museum at The Courtauld, with Martin Caiger-Smith, Head of this MA programme as her academic supervisor.

Alexandra considers an internship at Tate Britiain to be one of the highlights of the year. She worked closely alongside Tate staff and researched unseen works by John Martin for his forthcoming exhibition. For Alexandra and her fellow students, the course culminated in jointly curating The Courtauld Gallery exhibition BLOOD TEARS FAITH DOUBT, Historical and Contemporary Encounters. According to her tutors, Alexandra’s contribution was crucial to the exhibition’s successful delivery.

Alexandra will submit her MA dissertation in September and plans to curate more exhibitions and find a curatorial job in a museum or gallery.


Thank you very much for your generous and continued support of The Courtauld.

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