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Annual Fund 2008

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Annual Fund 2008

Annual Fund 2008

The Courtauld Annual Fund expenditure was approved by The Courtauld’s Märit Rausing Director, Professor Deborah Swallow, and in 2008 £49,094 was allocated as contributions to:



73% of funds raised were requested by donors to be directed towards The Courtauld’s greatest need.  The libraries had particularly urgent requirements and therefore half the funds were directed towards book conservation and half towards new books, publications and online subscriptions.

Book conservation preserves books that otherwise would no longer be available to students due to their poor condition. Conservation also includes the binding of journals so that these are easily available to students in the future.

Funds also contributed to new publications and the subscriptions of 1,000 journals across a wide array of periods and art approaches that enable all students and faculty to read the latest publications and essays in their specialist areas. The funds also supported our JSTOR subscription which gives access to issues of core journals in the humanities social sciences and sciences from 1800s onwards to all our students.



11% of funds raised were directed towards scholarships. Scholarships are awarded by the Scholarship Panel to those students who demonstrated the greatest talent for the study of art history and conservation. Scholarships enable the most gifted students to study at the highest level, regardless of their financial circumstances.  The Courtauld Annual Fund Scholarship will be awarded later in 2009 when the Scholarship Panel meets for a student studying in 2009/10.



6% of funds raised were directed towards galleries and conservation.  Annual fund donations were used for the photography, remounting and display of works from The Scharf Collection which were bequeathed to The Courtauld by Dorothy Scharf who died in 2004. This enabled the works to be available online at The Courtauld’s website,  All nine works were then shown together in Room 12 as a complement to The Courtauld’s exhibition, Paths to Fame: Turner Watercolours from The Courtauld.



5% of funds raised were directed towards student support and we used these for student travel bursaries. These enabled undergraduates in their third year, MA and conservation students to go on an intensive study trip abroad or in the UK. Accompanied by a member of the research/teaching staff these trips brought students’ coursework to life, thus adding significant value to the student experience. Donations covered travel costs and a contribution towards accommodation. Destinations visited included Rome, New York, Dresden, Venice, Paris, Istanbul, Lisbon and Pompeii.



3% of funds raised were directed towards libraries and resources which enabled us to purchase a rare full-sized facsimile of Leonardo da Vinci’s Leicester Codex. The original was slightly out of our price range at US $30,000,000! The book provides students here with a wonderful opportunity to study da Vinci and explore his relationship to science, as well as the visual arts.



2% of funds raised were directed towards teaching and research, which was used to fund The Courtauld’s Graphic Arts Group. The group meets once a term and promotes the study and interpretation of the graphic arts, encouraging the exchange of information and ideas among Courtauld staff, research students and other London-based scholars, who share an interest in prints and drawings. The group gives our research students the chance to discuss prints and drawings with scholars studying other periods and from other institutions, encouraging debate and often leading to interesting developments in their own work.

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