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The Courtauld is able to offer you help and advise in a number of ways.  Most immediately, this would be through your Personal Tutor, although you may also seek help, of various kinds, through The Courtauld’s Student and Academic Services Office, Academic and Learning Support, Counselling Service and the Students’ Union.

Student and Academic Services

The Student and Academic Services team provides a range of support services focused on improving the overall student experience.

Student Services can offer a range of advice and support for current students. This includes: Student Well Being, Fees and Scholarships, Examinations, Graduation and more.

Our office is located on the Second Floor in our Vernon Square campus, and is open Monday to Friday, between 9.30am and 5.30pm. We can also be contacted by email ( or phone 02039477702.

Staff are also available to help with a wide range of general enquiries regarding the courses offered by The Courtauld, as well as providing official transcripts of results, status letters, council tax exemption certificates and letters of introduction to banks, libraries and archives.

We also provide advice about the academic, learning and welfare support services, accommodation, health issues, immigration matters, financial support and careers that are on offer for students at the Institute.

Student Services is also where you will hand-in any hard copy essays during the course of the academic year, and the collection point for some forms of essay feedback once marked.

Academic and Learning Support

Outside of more administrative forms of support, The Courtauld has a number of academic support options in place, ranging from our Royal Literary Fund Fellows to Academic Support and Skills tutors:

Royal Literary Fund Fellows: At The Courtauld we have two Royal Literary Fund Fellows (RLF) who can help you to improve your academic writing skills, reading strategies and organisation of material. If you would like to improve your style, clarity or argument, if you need help with structure, tone, or simply getting to grips with the writing process, you are welcome to get in touch with them.

Both RLF Fellows are professional writers and offer support to Courtauld students thanks to the Royal Literary Fund’s Fellowship Scheme. The RLF website has a very useful guide to writing essays..

Academic Support Tutor: Our Academic and Support Tutor can help you if you are experiencing difficulties that impact on your academic work, including students with learning difficulties (SpLDs). They provide writing support through one to-one meetings, and can offer you support if you have weaker writing skills, have fallen behind with your work, or need to improve your study and time-management skills. They can also help you build confidence for and presentations or gallery talks you may give.

Academic Skills Tutor: The Courtauld also has an Academic Skills Tutor, who can offer you advice on skills specific to Art History, including research, visual analysis and presentation. They can also help you to understand essay feedback, and develop revision strategies.

Wellbeing Services

The Courtauld has range of advisers and services to aid in wellbeing, disability and mental health, helping to provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space in which you can discuss any issues that may be affecting your ability to study.

Personal Tutor: Your Personal Tutor should be your first point of call if you have any questions or problems whilst you are at The Courtauld. Your Personal Tutor will want to see you at the beginning of each term, and will be happy to offer help and advice at other times, either during their office hours or by appointment. They will also help advise you about which courses to take, and will review your progress with you. If you do not feel you can talk to your personal tutor, then you may approach the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Associate Dean for Students: The Associate Dean for Students has oversight over the many different sources of support available to students: some of these can help you with your academic work, others guide you with your career development, others provide support in case of illness or personal problems. The current Associate Dean for students is Guido Rebecchini.

Counselling: At times you may experience difficulties and emotional stress caused by loss, a breakdown of a relationship or other disruptive life events. This may affect your wellbeing and day-to-day life.

To support with this, The Courtauld has three dedicated counsellors. They will listen and help you to understand how to work through any issues you might be facing. Find out more.

Chaplaincy: There is also a Chaplaincy service available at The Courtauld via an arrangement with King’s College London.  Courtauld students can use their Chaplaincy at their Strand campus. The King’s College Chaplaincy has a wealth of experience in supporting people through relationship, work and study difficulties, as well as spiritual and vocational issues. Open to any student regardless of their religious affiliation or lack of religious affiliation.

Contact: The Reverend: Tim Ditchfield. College Chaplain, The Chaplaincy, King’s College London, K2.34, Strand Campus, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

Medical Care

Gower Street Practice offers a full range of GP services, including a travel clinic, lifestyle clinics and counselling facilities. Services are available to students and spouses and children of students, although there are some restrictions for those living outside London. Please register as soon as possible with the Centre or with a local GP. It is wise to register as a provision at the start of your course so that you will not have to register during illness.

If you need to be seen urgently, you may telephone the practice or call in person. There is always a doctor or nurse available to see, treat or advise you.

The Health Centre
20 Gower Street
Tel.: 020 7636 7628
Open 9:00am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday

The practice also has non-medical counsellors and offers a range of counselling and therapy services to all full and part-time students. If you think that you may need help with examination stress, please go early as it may be difficult to get an appointment with a therapist at short notice near the exam period.

In addition, the University of London Union (ULU) runs a Nightline talk and telephone information service as well as welfare and advice sessions at its building in Malet Street. ULU also has a gym, fitness classes and indoor swimming pool.

Hardship Fund

The Courtauld Hardship Fund provides short-term emergency funds to meet the immediate financial needs of current students registered at The Courtauld . It is intended to provide support for short-term urgent needs, such as living costs and rent and cannot be used in payment of tuition fees. Undergraduate students who require regular long-term funding are advised to consider applying for a Courtauld Bursary.

You do not have to repay Hardship Funds.

Current students can find out more, including eligibility criteria and assessment, on the VLE.

For any questions, please contact

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