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Eduroam Service

eduroam logoThe eduroam (uk) service allows users to use wireless internet in participating institutions. There is no need for guest accounts or log-in credentials.

The level of network access a visitor has is set by the host university and may vary from one university to the next. A home institution is one which permits other organisations to authenticate its users whilst they are at the remote site.  A visited institution is one which permits members from other organisations to use its facilities whilst they are on site (subject to the relevant conditions and policies – see below).  The Courtauld Institute of Art currently offers a Home eduroam(uk) tier 2 service and is working towards Visited compliance.

More information about the eduroam service can be found at on the eduroam website.

All institutions and individual users are bound by the eduroam (uk) Policy.

Courtauld staff and students visiting other institutions

Does the institution participate?

Before visiting an institution, check whether they participate in the eduroam service. A map of participating institutions throughout the UK is available on the JANET website.

The interactive map shows each participating institution, with instructions for accessing the eduroam service, as well information on the type and location of access points, the type of service they support, and the procedure.

Your username and password

You should use your account details to logon to eduroam.



What can you access?

Courtauld staff and students using eduroam at another institution should have access to Office 365 applications such as email, Teams etc. Please note, however, that the institution you are visiting may restrict your ability to access certain internet features.

Test you can connect before travelling

Before travelling to another site to use eduroam, we advise that you test your device connects to the eduroam signal. It can be complex to setup initially, so  we have created installers to help you

Download the installer

Run the installer and accept the “AddTrust External CA Root” certificate as part of the installation process.

For assistance using eduroam, please contact the IT Service Desk. If possible, please be ready to provide the following information:

  • The platform and operation system (OS) you are running (the specific version of the laptop)
  • The specific MAC address of the device
  • Whether eduroam is / was working for someone else nearby.
  • Whether you have performed any recent security or software updates (some updates can affect wireless connections)
  • The anti-virus software you are running (any device firewall configurations would also be useful, if known).


Logging on at The Courtauld

The Courtauld is working towards offering an Eduroam visited service.

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