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Art Sales Catalogues Online (Brill)

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Art Sales Catalogues Online (Brill)

Art Sales Catalogues Online (Brill)

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  • of campus using Athens –
    • from the Brill homepage, click the ‘Connect’ button under ‘Have institutional access? Connect through your institution’
    • on the Where Are You From page, click once on ‘Show Organisations’
    • search for Courtauld then follow the link for Courtauld institute of Art
  • of campus via Remote Desktop Connection (Courtauld members only)
  • on campus through a networked computer

The Art Sales Catalogues Online database presents the online edition of the Répetoire des Catalogues de Ventes Publiques by Frits Lugt combined with the possibility to view complete art sales catalogues. This database provides a multitude of search options. Many recently discovered catalogues have been added and corrections to the original Répertoire have been made.

Lugt’s Répertoire is one of the most widely consulted art historical reference works and lists more than 100,000 art sales catalogues of the period 1600 to 1925 from libraries in Europe and the USA.

It is BRILL’s intention that the Art Sales Catalogues collection will eventually comprise all catalogues from the period between 1600 and 1900. BRILL will continue to supplement the collection by scanning catalogues from this period in libraries all over the world.

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