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Research-Led Teaching

Research-Led Teaching

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There is no other place quite like The Courtauld – nowhere else that combines exceptional teaching and research in the history of art with state-of-the-art conservation studios, specialist book and image libraries, and an art collection of truly global significance.

Concentrating on areas that range in time from the early Middle Ages to the present, and that span the world from America to Europe to Iran, to contemporary China and beyond, the more than thirty members of our teaching staff produce research of outstanding quality – an achievement that was recognized by the Research Excellence Framework assessment of 2014, which awarded The Courtauld the highest rating among all UK history of art departments.  The excellence of our faculty’s research owes much, we believe, to the fact that we constantly test out their ideas in the classroom, in small seminars where students are asked to develop a critical engagement with new ideas, as these are in the process of being formed.  Experience has shown us that there is no better way to equip our graduates with the skills they need to pursue careers at the highest level in the art world and elsewhere.

Everyone who teaches or studies at The Courtauld shares the same profound interest in visual art and its histories.  It is this shared passion that drives us all forward, and which gives us our community an identity that is truly all its own.

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