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Guide to Completing the Online Application Form

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Guide to Completing the Online Application Form

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How to Apply to Postgraduate Courses

Guide to Completing the Online Application Form

Guide to Completing the Online Application Form

This guide is intended to provide help with completing the Online Application Form. Please ensure you have also read our Application Instructions for more detailed information on what documentation you should be submitting within your application.

If you have any questions about the suitability of a programme, please contact the Admissions Team by emailing

Before you begin your application

To register for The Courtauld’s Online Application System and receive updates on your application, you will need an active email account.

This must be an account you check regularly, as the portal will send a number of emails to this address.

You may wish to add the following email addresses to your list of approved contacts to ensure that you receive all application related correspondence:

Before starting your application you will need to have electronic versions of the following:

  • Your passport(s). Home students can alternatively provide their Birth Certificate
  • Your current/previous UK visas (if applicable)
  • Your Academic Transcript(s)
  • The name, address and email of two references
  • A passport style photo (please note that this must be in JPEG (.jpg) format)
  • Your English Language qualification certificate (if applicable)
  • Written Work (if applicable)
  • Your CV (if applicable)

We can accept documents (except the passport photograph) in the following file formats.

  • Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx files)
  • Rich Text Files (.rtf)
  • JPEG files (.jpg)
  • PNG files (.png)

Please be aware that, at various points of the process, emails will be sent automatically by the system:

  • If you save the application
  • Confirming the submission of your application
  • Asking your referees to submit a reference

You can save your application form at any point and return to it later.

Registering and logging in

Once you click on the Apply Now hyperlink, you will be taken to the Application Registration page:

Online App Guide 1

If you have already created an online application account, you can log in by entering your email and password in the boxes on the left, otherwise click New User to create a new account.

Creating a new account
  • Click the New User button.
  • You will be asked to input some information about yourself. You must complete all boxes before you can proceed:


Online App Guide 2

  • Your password must be at least 8 characters long, and must contain both letters and numbers
  • Once you have entered all the required information, click Proceed and your account will be created. You will then be taken to a confirmation screen.

From here, click Proceed to begin completing the application form:

Online App Guide 3


If you already have an account
  1. Enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgotten Password link, and your password will be emailed to the address in your username.
  2. If you do not know your username, please contact giving your full name and date of birth, and this can be sent to you.
  3. You will then be taken to the applicant details screen, from where you can proceed with your application.
Personal Details

Please complete all parts of the Personal Details section, checking that all information is accurate as any errors may cause delays in processing your application.

Nationality and Country of Birth

As you begin typing in this box, a dropdown list will appear listing all those countries/nationalities that match the word you are typing. Choose the one that applies to you by clicking on it.

Please note that, when you choose an option, a number will be put in the box, as shown in the below screenshot. This is normal, and you should leave this number in place, as it translates to an internal code for your chosen country.

Online App Guide 4


Mandatory fields

Any fields that start with *, for example *Gender are mandatory, and must be completed before you can submit your application.

Any fields that start with *, for example *Gender are mandatory, and must be completed before you can submit your application.

Once you have completed the page, click Save and Proceed to move to the next page. If you have missed any mandatory fields, these will be highlighted in Red and an error message will appear. Please complete the mandatory fields before proceeding.

Alternatively, you can click Save and Exit to save your form and exit the application. You will be sent an email with details of how to login and proceed when you are ready.


The next page of the form collects information about your qualifications.

Please enter information about your qualifications, starting with your most recent qualification. (Later in the application you will need to provide electronic copies of all completed degrees, Bachelor’s and/or higher. Electronic copies can either be provided directly from your university (if available) or, if only paper copies can be obtained, scan (or order then scan) an original final hardcopy transcript and upload to your application once at the Document Upload section.)

Please note that only UK institutions will be listed in the University/College/Institution field drop down box. If your qualification comes from a non-UK institution, please enter the appropriate Other in this box, and add the name in the field below. For example:

Online App Guide a

To add more qualifications, click the + icon.

English Language Qualifications

You are exempt from providing evidence of an English language qualification if English is your first language or you come from a country where English is the majority language. Please refer to the Application Instructions to see if you are exempt.

Unless you are exempt, you will be asked questions about your most recent English language qualification. If you have not yet completed an English language qualification, please choose the TBA option – you may still proceed with your application. Please be aware that any offer made to you for entry will be conditional on the satisfactory completion of an English language qualification.

Foreign Language Proficiency

Please list any non-English languages that you speak, and choose your level of fluency. This is self-assessed, so please choose the option that bests describes your experience.

Once you have completed this page, please click Save and Proceed to continue, or Save and Exit to save your form and return to it later.

Personal Statements/Research Proposal

Depending on the course that you applied to, you will need to provide personal statements or a research proposal.

  • Courtauld Graduate Diploma in History of Art

You should provide a statement detailing your reasons for applying for the course and supply any information relevant to your application. Please note there is a 500 word limit to the statement.

  • MA History of Art

You should provide a statement for each Special Option to which you have applied. For each statement, you should detail your reasons for applying to The Courtauld and to the individual option you have chosen. Please note there is a 600 word limit for each option choice statement.

  • MA Curating the Art Museum

You should provide a statement detailing your reasons for applying for the course and supply any information relevant to your application. Please note there is a 500 word limit to the statement.

  • MA Buddhist Art

You should provide a statement detailing your reasons for applying for the course and supply any information relevant to your application. Please note there is a 500 word limit to the statement.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Easel Paintings

You will be asked four questions relating to your knowledge and experience of the field of conservation and your experience of Fine Art. Each question has a word limit of 400 words.

  • Research

You must already have contacted your proposed supervisor in advance to discuss your application. Please choose your preferred supervisor from the dropdown list.

Please provide a research title.

Please note there is a 10000 character limit on the summary of your proposed research. This includes spaces and bibliography.


Before you can submit your application, you must provide details of two referees. You should complete all fields labelled with *.

Online App Guide 6


Once you submit your completed application to us, your referees will be automatically emailed by the Portal. This email will contain a hyperlink which will give them access to the Portal to complete your reference. Please ensure your referees are expecting an email from us.

If we have not received references two weeks after you submit your application, we will send you a notification email. It is your responsibility to follow up with referees at this point, as we are unable to consider your application until we have received all references.

If your referees are having difficulties receiving our emails or using the portal, please ask them to contact

You could also advise them to add the following email addresses to their list of approved contacts to ensure that they receive all application related correspondence, avoiding the risk of the reference request email being lost in their spam filter:

Once you have completed this page, please click Save and Proceed to continue, or Save and Exit to save your form and return to it later.

Document Upload

You should upload all mandatory documentation – indicated by an asterisk (*). Please only upload the requested types of document under each heading.

Please pay close attention to the list of valid file types and the maximum file size.  We are not able to accept uploaded documents in any other type than those indicated and files larger than 2MB cannot be uploaded.

To upload a file, click the Choose File button and navigate to the location of the document on your computer. Once selected, you should see the file name listed on the upload page and you can click Upload to complete.

Once the uploaded successfully, the filename will be listed, you will be able to view the document, and you will be able to delete the document (as per the example below).  If you cannot see the link to view and the button to delete your document, then the upload has failed.

Online App Guide b

Having completed the document upload section, you can continue with your application using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Common Issues with Document Upload


You should make arrangements to scan your hard copy document to an electronic file. As our system has an upload limit of 2MB, it is best to scan a black and white copy and use as low scan setting as possible. You can then save the scanned file and upload it. Note that the system will only accept the following file formats

  • Word Documents (.doc and .docx)
  • Rich Text Files (.rtf)
  • JPG (.jpg)
  • PNG (.png)
  • Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf)



The system only accepts files of 2MB or smaller, and larger files will be rejected. You can check the size of your files in Windows Explorer or the MacOS Finder. Your files must be smaller than 2MB (2000KB) to upload.

There are a number of ways you can shrink files to enable their upload.


Use the website to compress the PDF to a smaller size.


Use the settings in your Paint/Image program to shrink the size of your image, so it will save as a smaller file. For information on resizing images in Microsoft Paint please see


If your Word document has a lot of images, follow the below instructions to compress them

  1. Open the image you wish to resize in an image editing program, for example Microsoft Paint.
  2. Crop and resize the image as required. The smaller the image, the smaller the file will be.
    The admissions selectors recognise the difficulties of uploading image-heavy documents, so will accept lower quality, small images. You can also convert images to black and white if your image editor supports this. Please ensure you reference all images used.
  3. Once you are happy that the image is as small as reasonably possible, save the file
  4. Save as type JPG (.jpg)
  5. In Word, navigate to the intended location of the picture within the document. It is recommended that you save a copy of the document and make changes to this, rather than the original.
  6. Go to Insert-Picture
  7. Choose the JPG picture file
  8. Your file will be inserted into your Word document and can be resized as needed
  9. Once you have inserted all images, save your file and check the size
    1. If it less than 2MB in size, you need take no further action
    2. If it is still too large
  10. Select each picture, one at a time
  11. Go to the Picture Tools option on the Word Ribbon
  12. Click on the option labelled Compress Pictures
  13. Untick the box labelled Apply Only to This Picture
  14. Select the smallest target output, usually this will be Email.
  15. Click OK
  16. Save the file and re-check its size.

More information on image compression is available here

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the e:Vision team by emailing giving details of any error messages you are seeing

Declaration / Before submitting the form / Submitting your form

Please answer the questions on the declaration page.

Check that all the tabs along the top of the form are green. If any are red, there are problems with the data on that tab, and the form cannot be submitted until these are resolved. Click on the tab name and enter data into any field highlighted red on the page.

Once all tabs are green, you may submit your form.

Click the Submit Application button once. The form will then submit.

This process will take some time, as your information is uploaded onto our system. Please do not click the button again or use the navigation buttons on your browser, or your application may be corrupted.

After you submit your application, you cannot log back in to make any changes or submit any further documents.  Additional documents will need to be emailed to

Once the upload has completed, you will receive a confirmation email and see a copy of your submitted application. We recommend you save this for your reference, though you may log in any time to view it again. Please note that you cannot check the ongoing status of your application after you have submitted, as the application portal is for submission purposes only.

Following submission of the form, you will be contacted by the Admissions Team in due course.

Resuming a previously saved application / Cancelling an application


When you save and exit the application system without submitting an application, you will receive an email containing a link to resume your application.

When you click on this link, you will be taken back to the login page

  • Click on the button labelled View Previous Actions

Online App Guide 8

  • Click the button labelled Edit next to the application you want to continue working on.

Online App Guide 9



Up until the point you submit your form, you can cancel your application at any time.

To cancel an application, please log into the Admissions Portal. You can access the login page via the hyperlink within the email confirming your saved application.

  • Click on the button labelled View Previous Actions

Online App Guide 10

  • Click on the button labelled Cancel Application

Online App Guide 11

  • A message confirming your application cancellation will be displayed. If you have cancelled your application in error, please contact giving your user name.


Applying for more than one Programme

You may apply for as many different programmes as you wish, however you may only submit one application per programme per year.

To apply for additional programmes, click on the Online Application Portal link on the relevant programme-specific webpage.

You will be taken to the Portal login page specific to that programme. You can then log in using your Portal username and password and your new programme application will be created.

Some information you have already provided, for example your name and address, will be copied over to your new application.


If you have any technical problems using the form, please contact the e:Vision team on giving your username and outlining the problem.

Please note that the e:Vision team cannot advise on programme questions or admissions queries.

If you have any admissions queries, for example queries on the suitability of documents, references or visa issues, please contact the admissions team on

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