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Fees and Finances for New Students

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Fees and Finances for New Students


New Students

Fees and Finances for New Students

Fees and Finances for New Students

At the beginning of September you will be emailed an invoice for your tuition fees. You may contact our Finance Office to pay your tuition fees in advance of enrolment, though no payment is expected until your enrolment date.

If you are self-funding and wish to pay your fees in two installments, you should fill out the Tuition Fee Special Arrangement Application and return it to our Finance Office along with a covering letter stating your reasons for the request. If you will be financing your studies through a student loan which you expect to receive in installments, you will NOT need to fill out this form; you should simply present proof that you will be in receipt of a student loan at the time you enrol for your course.

Fees and Funding Notes

  1. Fees include examination fees except in the instance of exam resits. There is no registration fee for any course.
  2. To qualify for Home student status for fee purposes, you must have been ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for three consecutive years immediately before the start date of your course. If you were away from the country because you or a family member were temporarily employed abroad, you may be treated as if your ‘ordinary residence’ had not been interrupted. If you are living in the UK mainly to receive full-time education and you would normally have lived elsewhere, you will not usually be treated as having been ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK.
  3. To qualify for EU student status for fee purposes, a student must be a national (or son or daughter of a national) of a member state of the European Union with the prescribed period of ordinary residence in the area of the Union. Any applicant in doubt about his or her status should consult the Academic Registry.
  4. Students may be registered part-time for research in the history of art; however, part-time status is subject to the agreement of The Courtauld.
  5. The period for full-time study for the PhD during which full fees are payable is three years. In the case of part-time study, the period for which tuition fees are payable is six years unless the degree is awarded sooner.
  6. Research students who have completed three years full-time or six years part-time study and who are writing up will pay a retention fee for one further year full-time or two further years part-time if they wish to remain registered as students.
  7. Students enrolling for courses of two or more years duration should bear in mind that fees will almost certainly increase annually.
  8. Fees are payable in full at the time of registration. Formal arrangements for self-funding students may be made to pay in two instalments (in September and February). At least 50% of fees must be paid at the time of registration.
  9. Students who are in arrears with their tuition fees may have their registration suspended and their degrees withheld. Any extra costs incurred in the recovery of fees will be charged to the student. While registration is suspended, research students are not entitled to receive supervision or to use the facilities of the Institute.

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