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Alumni Loyalty Scheme


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Alumni Loyalty Scheme

The Courtauld runs a alumni loyalty scheme. This scheme is open to any graduate of The Courtauld Institute of Art admitted to a new taught postgraduate programme of study from 2015/16 onwards, and recipients will receive a 10% loyalty discount off their tuition fee for the duration of the course. This discount will be applied automatically and does not require any further action from applicants.


What is the loyalty discount scheme?

The loyalty discount scheme currently offers Courtauld graduates 10% off their tuition fees if they start a new course from the 2015/16 academic year onward.

Who is eligible for the loyalty discount?

Any person who has been awarded a University of London certificate for an  programme completed at The Courtauld Institute of Art will be granted a discount.

If you are currently studying with us, you will become eligible upon successful completion of your course. Study abroad students who have successfully completed at least one term at The Courtauld Institute of Art are also eligible. Students who had occasional status are not eligible for the loyalty discount.

Which courses qualify?

The discount will apply if you already hold a Courtauld qualification and take up a place on one of the  following courses:

  • Graduate Diploma in the History of Art
  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Easel Paintings (15/16 entrants only)
  • MA Buddhist Art: History and Conservation
  • MA Conservation of Wall Paintings
  • MA Curating the Art Museum
  • MA History of Art
Does the discount just apply to Home students, or can EU and Overseas students receive it as well?

The discount applies to all Courtauld graduates, regardless of fee status

Can I qualify for the discount more than once, say if I want to do the MA History of Art followed by the MA in Curating the Art Museum?

Yes, you can qualify more than once.

Why can’t I receive a discount if I am taking up a research degree? Are there any plans to include the PhD course as part of this scheme?

The research degree programme is not included in the scheme at the present time.

How will the discount be applied?

If you are a recent graduate of The Courtauld Institute of Art you do not need to do anything, as we will match your study and application records. If you have already submitted this as part of your application we will match this to your record and you will not need to resubmit it.

If you graduated from The Courtauld prior to it becoming a self-governing institution (2002), you will need to submit a copy of your degree certificate to us, and you should do this as part of your application.

When will I know how much I have to pay?

The discount will be shown on your tuition fee invoice issued before the enrolment period. If you choose to pay your fees by installments we will apply the discount pro rata to each payment.

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