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Wall Painting Conservation



In addition to the books featured below, an exhaustive list of departmental publications can be found here.

D. Park, K. Wangmo and S. Cather (eds.), Art of Merit: Studies in Buddhist Art and its Conservation, London (2013).


S. Cather (ed.), The Decorative: Conservation and the Applied Arts, Proceedings of the International Institute for Conservation (IIC) Vienna Congress, London (2012).


E. Howe, H. McBurney, D. Park, S. Rickerby and L. Shekede, Wall Paintings of Eton, London (2012).


D. Park and R. Griffith-Jones (eds.), The Temple Church in London: History, Architecture, Art, Woodbridge (2010).


S. Baldrick, D. Park and P. Williamson (eds.), Wonder: Painted Sculpture from Medieval England, exhibition catalogue, Henry Moore Sculpture Trust, Leeds (2010).


D. Park, C. Norton and P. Binski (eds.), Dominican Painting in East Anglia: The Thornham Parva Retable and the Musée de Cluny Frontal, Woodbridge (1990).


S. Cather, D. Park and P. Williamson (eds.), Early Medieval Wall Painting and Painted Sculpture in England, British Archaeological Reports (British Series, vol. 216), Oxford (1990).


S. Cather (ed.), The Conservation of Wall Paintings, Proceedings of a symposium organized by the Courtauld Institute of Art and the Getty Conservation Institute, London, 13-16 July 1987, London (1987).


D. Park and C. Norton (eds.), Cistercian Art and Architecture in the British Isles, Cambridge (1986), reprinted 2011.

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