ARTICLES immediations No. 17 2020 - The Courtauld Institute of Art

ARTICLES immediations No. 17 2020

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THOMAS COOPER // Memory and Embodied Experienced in the Embroidery Practice of May Morris

SOPHIE XIAOFEI GUO // Doubting Sex: Examining the Biomedical Gaze in Lu Yang’s UterusMan

JULIE HRISCHEVA // Exodus and Obliteration: Walter Benjamin and The Angel of History in Ori Gersht’s Evaders

LACEY MINOT // Beaton Through the Looking Glass: Spectacle, Reflection and Body-Image During the Ashcombe Years

ALEVTINA TANU // The Mother of God and Mothers of Kings: Two Examples of Appropriation of Marian Iconography in the Eastern Orthodox World

AUDREY WARNE // Staging Sadomasochism: Images of Bondage in Man Ray’s Surrealist Photography, 1929–1932

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