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Cover: Henrietta Simson, Where Jason Sowed the Dragon's Teeth, oil on panel, 2009

Cover: Henrietta Simson, Where Jason Sowed the Dragon’s Teeth, oil on panel, 2009

immediations Conference Papers 1, edited by Laura Cleaver, Kathryn Gerry, and Jim Harris (London, 2009). A collection of papers by Research students and emerging scholars presented at Leeds International Medieval Congress in 2008.

Hanna Wimmer (University of Hamburg), ‘Natura, God and Aristotle: Illustrating Concepts of Nature in Paris, Bibliothèque Mazarine, MS 3469‘ (p.9).

Matthew Woodworth (Duke University), ‘Unnatural Ornament: Beverley Minster, Historical Consciousness, and the Early English Style‘ (p. 23).

Tom Nickson (University of York), ‘The Locked-Up Garden: The Nature of Medieval Castile‘ (p. 39).

Michalis Olympios (The Courtauld Institute / University of Cyprus), ‘Foliate Encounters of the Jerusalem Kind: Form and Meaning in the Architecture of the North Chapel of Nicosia Cathedral‘(p. 53).

Geraldine Victoir (The Courtauld Institute), ‘Nature in Architecture: The Vegetal World and Architectural Polychromy in Northern France from the Mid-Twelfth to Mid-Fourteenth Century‘ (p. 69).

Heidi Gearhart (University of Michigan / Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, München), ‘Transforming the Natural World: Hierarchies of Material in Theophilus’s “On Diverse Arts”‘ (p. 81).

Francesco Lucchini (The Courtauld Institute),’Things That Are Not There: Crafting Nature, Making History‘ (p. 95).

Kathryn Gerry (The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore), ‘The Reappearance of the Disappearing Christ in an Early Thirteenth-Century Psalter from Oxford’ (p. 115).

Laura Cleaver (The Courtauld Institute), ‘Disorder in Nature: The Example of the Ass and Harp in Twelfth-Century Manuscripts‘ (p. 131).

Renana Bartal (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), ‘Heavenly Visions and Constructed Devotion in Fourteenth-Century Vernacular   Apocalypses‘ (p. 143). 

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