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Completed PhD Theses

Completed PhD Theses

Recently completed PhD theses at The Courtauld Institute of Art

Adams, Ann
Spiritual Provision and Temporal Affirmation: Tombs of Les Chevaliers de la Toison d’Or from Philip the Good to Philip the Fair
Prof. Susie Nash

Aloni Yaari, Shir – 2012/3
Brushstrokes: Hair in the Work of Contemporary Women Artists
Prof. Mignon Nixon

An, Hui-Kyung – 2014/5
Identities Contested: Contemporary Korean Art and its Exhibitions, 1961-1975
Prof. Sarah Wilson

Anderson, Jocelyn – 2012/3
Country House Guide Books in the Late Eighteenth Century
Dr Christine Stevenson

Atkin, William – 2016/7
Latent Possibilities: Theories and Practices of Magic in Surrealist Discourse on the Object, 1929-1976
Dr Gavin Parkinson

Babbage Iorns, Deborah – 2012/3
Companionship and Collaboration: Rembrandt’s Pendant Marriage Portraiture
Prof. Joanna Woodall

Backhouse, Clare – 2012/3
Sartorial self-fashioning: Dress in portraits commissioned by women, 1558-1762
Prof. Aileen Ribeiro

Balfe, Thomas – 2013/4
The Animal and the Edible in the Work of Joannes Fyt (1611-61)
Prof. Joanna Woodall

Balona de Sa’Oliveira, Ana – 2012/3
Fort/Da: Unhomely and Hybrid Displacements in the Work of Ângela Ferreira, c. 1980-2008
Prof. Mignon Nixon

Barker, Jessica – 2014/5
Monuments and Marriage in Late Medieval England: Origins, Functions and Reception of Double Tombs
Prof. John Lowden and Prof. David Park

Bezverkhny, Eva
Compilation and Communication: Esfir Shub and Soviet Cinema 1919-1949

Bhalla, Niamh – 2013/4
Social Histories of the Last Judgement in Byzantine Art
Prof. Antony Eastmond

Brisby, Claire – 2012/3
The Samokov Archive: The perception of western art in icon-painters’ practice 1800-1850 in Bulgaria
Prof. Robin Cormack

Brown, Meredith – 2011/2
A History of A.I.R Gallery: Feminism and the Art institution (1970s, New York)
Prof. Mignon Nixon

Budanova, Natalia – 2016/7
Stepping Out of the Shadows: Russian Women Artists on the Eve of, and During, the Great War
Prof. John Milner

Burchard, Wolf – 2014/5
The Sovereign Artist. Charles Le Brun and the Art of Absolutism, 1665-1679
Prof. Katie Scott

Butakova, Elizaveta – 2014/5
A-Ya Magazine: Soviet Unofficial Art Between Moscow, Paris and New York, 1976-1986
Prof. Sarah Wilson

Cameron, James Alexander – 2014/5
Sedilia in Medieval England
Prof. Joanna Cannon and Prof. David Park

Camp, Mary Hogan – 2014/5
Superare la natura: The Portraits of Jacopo Pontormo
Dr Scott Nethersole and Prof. Paul Hills

Carter, Michael – 2012/3
Cistercian art and architecture in England during the late Middle Ages
Prof. David Park

Caruso, Martina – 2012/3
Miseria Miseri Cordia Mascolinita: Italian Humanist Photography, 1932-1962
Prof. Sarah Wilson

Casini, Giovanni
Léonce Rosenberg and the Galerie De L’Effort Moderne: A Syncretic View of French Art During The 1920s’
Prof. Christopher Green

Cheetham, Joanna – 2014/5
Hans Feibusch between Germany and Britain: Patronage and the Public Sphere
Dr Shulamith Behr

Chien, Shang-Min – 2012/3
Distributed Aesthetics in the East Asian Net Creations
Prof. Julian Stallabrass

Chu, John – 2014/5
The Fortunes of Fancy Painting in Eighteenth-Century England
Prof. David Solkin and Prof. Katie Scott

Coomasaru, Edwin – 2017/8
Contested Bodies: Gender, Sexuality and the Legacies of the ‘Troubles’ in Visual Culture
Prof. Mignon Nixon

Darell, Samantha – 2012/3
Mother of Pearl Carvings in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century
Prof. Susie Nash

Demarchi, Francesca – 2014/5
Book Illumination in Milan around the Year 1000: The Prayerbook of Arnulph II (London, British Library, MS Egerton 3763) and Some Related Manuscripts
Prof. John Lowden

Dentzer, Sophie
English Decorative Vaulting: Design, Invention and Integration in Gothic Architecture c. 1300
Dr. Tom Nickson

Edwards, Emma – 2016/7
Reception and Reorientation: The Impact of Internationally Traded Objects in Italian Art and Architecture (950-1150)
Dr Antony Eastmond

Eisenthal, Jessica
Medium and Mediation: A History of Video Art in Israel
Prof. Sarah Wilson

Elmer, Samuel – 2011/2
Democratic Mordernisum: Promoting Modern Art in England c.1908-1934
Prof. Christopher Green

Faulkner, Katherine – 2012/3
The Wrapped Body in the New Sculpture Movement (1880-1900)
Prof. Caroline Arscott

Galimberti, Jacopo – 2012/3
Collective Art: Politics and Authorship in 1960’s Western Continental Europe
Prof. Sarah Wilson

Gardner-Dseagu, Christine
Sex in Context: Sexual Art and Spectacle in the Roman World

Garrett, Rosamund – 2016/7
Canterbury Cathedral’s Choir Tapestry: Patronage, Production, History and Display
Prof. Susie Nash

Gaskin, Fiona – 2015/6
British Landscape Painting, 1945-1963
Prof. Julian Stallabrass

Gent, Alexandra
Repetition and Replication in Joshua Reynolds’s Studio Practice
Prof. Aviva Burnstock and Prof. David Solkin

Givens, Ashley – 2011/2
From the Archetypal to Imtimate: Offical Representation of Napolean iii, 1850-1866
Prof. John House

Gordon, Theo
Sex and Violence: A New Psychoanalysis of Art of the American AIDS Crisis
Prof. Mignon Nixon

Gottardo, Ketty – 2012/3
Print Culture in Rome in the Age of Barberini
Dr Sheila McTighe

Grimaldi, Matilde – 2016/7
The lost Romanesque cathedral of Tortosa: 1148-1703
Dr Tom Nickson

Grasso, Maria – 2014/5
Imaging the Souls of the Blessed: Valenciennes, Bibliothèque Municipale, MS 500, Saint Amand, and the Parable of Dives and Lazarus, c. 835-1275
Prof. John Lowden

Gray, Emily – 2012/3
Early Printmaking in Florence: Origins, Forms and Function
Prof. Patricia Rubin

Gunzi, Freya Roo – 2014/5
Stanhope A. Forbes: Constructing Newlyn, 1885-1911
Prof. Caroline Arscott

Hartnell, Jack – 2013/4
Towards an Anatomical Art History. Medieval Objects in the Shared Space between Art and Medicine
Dr Antony Eastmond

Hegenbart, Sarah
From Bayreuth to Burkina Faso: Christoph Schlingensief’s Opera Village Africa as contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk
Prof. Sarah Wilson

Howe, Catherine
Francis Bacon’s French Influence(s): From Surrealism to Post-structuralism
Dr Gavin Parkinson

Huges, Thomas
John Ruskin, Walter Pater, Aestheticism
Prof. Caroline Arscott

Jang, Nayun
Cultural Memory of Democratisation and Globalisation in East Asian Art
Prof. Julian Stallabrass

Joustra, Joost – 2016/7
Pictorial Space and Sacred Subject Matter in Florentine Painting 1425-1466
Dr Scott Nethersole

Jumabhoy, Zehra – 2016/7
Homi K. Bhabha’s Concept of National Identity and Contemporary ‘Indian’ Art
Prof. Julian Stallabrass

Kaitavuori, Kaija – 2014/5
Art of Engagament: Audience Participation and Contemporary Art
Prof. Julian Stallabrass

Keene, Bryan C.
Many Voices, Many Hands: Collaboration and Workshop Practice in Early Fourteenth-Century Illuminated Choir Books from Florence

Keiser, Alexandra – 2013/4
Alexander Archipenko and Cultural Exchange Between the Wars: From European Avant-Gardes to Avantgardism in the United States
Prof. Shulamith Behr

Kim, Elizabeth – 2016/7
Schizophrenic Video: The Reception of Early Video Art in New York, 1969-1985
Prof. Julian Stallabrass

Kirk, Anna – 2012/3
The Female Doppelgänger in Victorian Art and Dress, c.1850-1899
Prof. Aileen Ribeiro

Komorowski, Wiktor
The Reversed Power of the Image – Exhibitions of Graphic Art in Eastern Europe during the Cold War
Dr Klara Kemp-Welch

Kopp, Edouard – 2012/3
Sculpted Sanguines: Edme Bouchardon as a Draughtsman
Prof. Katie Scott

Lebens, Naomi
Prints in Play: Printed Games and the Fashioning of Social Roles in Early Modern Europe

Lee, Jiyoon – 2014/5
The Impact of Globalisation on Korean Contemporary Art since 1989
Prof. Julian Stallabrass

Lee, Judith
The chemical characterisation of water sensitive oil paint with a special focus on Winsor & Newton artists oil paints

Llewellyn, Laura – 2016/7
Art, Community and Religious Women in the Oltrarno, Florence
Dr Scott Nethersole

Lopez-Fanjul Diez Del Corral, Maria – 2011/2
Collecting Italian Drawings in Seventeenth Century Spain: The Marques del Carpio’s Collection
Dr Sheila McTighe

Low, David – 2014/5
Framing the Armenian Genocide: Photography and the Revisualisation of the Ottoman Empire, 1878-1923
Dr Shulamith Behr

Lundin, Jenna
The Montaged Environment: Painting Meets Photography On Show, From The 1930s Through The 1950s
Prof. Christopher Green

Martin De Fonjaudran, Charlotte – 2014/5
Cleaning Asian Wall Paintings: Constraints and Development of an Open-Source Image Analysis Workflow for In-Situ Evaluation of Topographical Surface Changes
Prof. Sharon Cather

McDougall, Elizabeth – 2013/4
The Management of the Urban Property Portfolio of the Societa s. Salvatore, Rome 1500-1526
Dr Georgia Clarke

Milk Mac Farland, Joanna – 2012/3
From Doctors of the Church to Visionary Saints: Recasting Augustine and Jerome in Tuscan Paintings of the Fifteenth Century
Prof. Patricia Rubin

Moyse, Lucy – 2016/7
Manifestations of Violence and Trauma Within Interwar Fashion, In London, Paris and New York
Dr Rebecca Arnold

Noy, Irene – 2014/5
Sound Art, Gender and the West-German Context
Dr Shulamith Behr

Nuttall, Geoffrey – 2012/3
Lucchese Patronage, 1400 to 1430
Prof. Patricia Rubin

O’Donnell-Morales, Maeve
Altars and Altar Furnishings from the Kingdom of Castile, 1200-1350
Tom Nickson

Oliver, Lois – 2012/3
The Image of the Artist, Paris 1815-1855
Prof. John House

Pantelides, Katerina – 2014/5
Russian Émigré Ballet and the Body: Paris and New York c.1920-50
Dr. Rebecca Arnold

Paschali, Maria – 2014/5
Painting Identities in Fourteenth-Century Famagusta: Byzantine and Gothic Imagery in Saint George of the Greeks and Our Lady of the Carmelites
Dr Anthony Eastmond

Pasian, Chiara – 2016/7
Non-structural lime-based injection grouts with reduced water content for decorated surfaces
Prof. Sharon Cather

Paydar, Nikoo – 2011/2
Scheherazade and The Odalisque in Early Twentieth-Century Visual Culture: Leon Bakst, Henri Matisse and Paul Poiret
Prof. Christopher Green

Payne, Edward – 2012/3
Ribera’s Saints: Representing Body and Soul
Dr Sheila McTighe

Peel, Harriette
The Image of the Child in Late-Medieval Flanders
Prof. Susie Nash

Pittaluga, Michela – 2011/2
Collections and Social Status: Venetian Presence in Genoese Collections of the Golden Century (1523-1656/7)
Prof. Paul Hills

Potts, Philippa – 2016/7
‘A Watchlight for the Garden’: Stuart Ambassadors in English Garden History
Dr Christine Stevenson

Rae, Caroline
Anglo-Netherlandish Workshop Practice in the 1580s and early 1600s with a focus on the works of John de Critz the Elder and Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
Prof. Aviva Burnstock

Rapacki, Kristina
Asger Jorn’s ‘folk’: Imagining ‘the people’ in wartime and postwar Europe 1941-1965
Dr. Gavin Parkinson

Raybone, Samuel
Working as Caillebotte: Collecting, Ideology, and the Body in the French Third Republic
Dr. Satish Padiyar

Richards, Marion – 2014/5
Salon Criticism of French Landscape Painting, 1855-1867
Prof. Caroline Arscott

Richter, Mark – 2012/3
Coloured glazes on silver leaf of the Baroque and Rococo period in Southern Germany and Austria (c.1600-1780)
Prof. Aviva Burnstock

Robertson, Jessie – 2018/9
Hyper(in)visible. Art, Protest & Surveillance, 2011-16
Dr Wenny Teo

Romano, Alexis – 2015/6
Prêt-à-Porter, Paris, and the Image of Women, 1945-1968
Dr Rebecca Arnold

Rose, Sam – 2013/4
Formalism, Aestheticism, and Art Writing in England, c.1918-1939
Dr Gavin Parkinson

Rossi, Maria Alessia – 2016/7
Christ’s Miracles in Monumental Art in Byzantium and Serbia (1280-1330)
Dr Anthony Eastmond

Saunt, Jane – 2016/7
Decorative Plasterwork in England, 1660-1700: Form, Materiality and Making
Dr Christine Stevenson

Sears, Malgorzata
The Warsaw Group Rytm (1922-32) and Modernist Classicism
Dr. Gavin Parkinson

Secklehner, Julia
Frontiers of Identity: The Vienna and Prague Satirical Press in Political Crossfire 1918-1938
Klara Kemp-Welch

Serafinowicz, Sylwia – 2014/5
More than Documentation: Photography from the People’s Republic of Poland between 1965-1972
Prof. Sarah Wilson

Shabanov, Andrey – 2012/3
Peredvizhniki, or the Wanderers: the social history of an artists’ movement in later nineteenth-century Russia
Prof. David Solkin

Shearman, Niccola
Weimar in Black and White: the woodcut in the work of Ernst Barlach and Lyonel Feininger in Germany, 1918-1927
Shulamith Behr

Smithen, Patricia
The Development and Impact of Artists’ Acrylic Paints in the United Kingdom
Prof. Aviva Burnstock and Dr Bronwyn

Spooner, Jane – 2016/7
Royal Wall Paintings in England in the Second Half of the Fourteenth Century
Prof. David Park

Stanford, Henrietta – 2014/5
Affective Afterlives: Encountering ‘Ulrike Meinhof’ in Yvonne Rainer’s Journeys from Berlin/1971 (1980), Gerhard Richter’s October 18, 1977 (1988), and Silvia Kolbowski’s A Few Howls Again? (2010)
Prof. Mignon Nixon

Starkova, Maria – 2013/4
Engendering the New Soviet Child: The Representation of Children as Pioneer Citizens of the USSR in the 1920s and 1930s
Prof. John Milner

Stratton, Rachel
The Shape of the Message’ in the Art of the Independent Group: A Study in the role of General Semantics and Non-Aristotelian Logic, 1950–1961
Dr. Gavin Parkinson

Stolyarov, Denis
(Post)Soviet Art in the Era of Wild Capitalism, 1986 – 1996
Prof. Sarah Wilson

Tedbury, Imogen
Collecting, reception & display of trecento & quattrocento Sienese paintings in Britain, 1850-1950’
Prof. Joanna Cannon and Dr. Caroline Campbell

Terracciano, Emilia – 2012/3
Modernist Musing in the shadow of Swadeshi

Thoma, Julia – 2012/3
The Final Spectacle: Military Painting under the Second Empire, 1855-1867
Prof. John House and Prof. Satish Padiyar

Tobin, Jordan – 2015/6
Beyond Futurism to Suprematism: Re-assessing Futurist Dialogues between Italy and Russia 1909-1915
Prof. John Milner

Tommasini, Alexandra – 2013/4
The ‘Patient’ City. The Works and Practices of Photographer Gabriele Basilico
Prof. Shulamith Behr

Tsai, Pei-Kuei – 2012/3
Making the Political Personal and the Personal Political : A multiple case study of August Sander, Andy Warhol, Trinh T. Minh-Ha and Chen Chieh-Jen
Prof. Julian Stallabrass

Watling, Lucy – 2015/6
Documents of a Forgotten Network: The Loans to Twentieth Century German Art, London 1938
Dr Shulamith Behr

Weston, Giulia Martina – 2014/5
Niccolò Tornioloi: The Life and Times of A Sienese Painter in 17th Century Rome
Dr Sheila McTighe

Whitlum-Cooper, Francesca – 2014/5
Itinerant Pastellists: Circuits of Movement in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Prof. Katie Scott

Woolley, Elizabeth – 2018/19
Commercial domination of English ecclesiastical mural painting 1860-1910: demand, supply, technology and significance
Giovanni Verri

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