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Revisiting the Monument: Fifty Years Since Panofsky’s Tomb Sculpture

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Revisiting the Monument

Fifty Years Since Panofsky’s Tomb Sculpture


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Revisiting the Monument: Fifty Years Since Panofsky’s Tomb Sculpture





Edited by Ann Adams and Jessica Barker

• Ann Adams
• Jessica Barker
• James Alexander Cameron
• Martha Dunkelman
• Shirin Fozi
• Sanne Frequin
• Robert Marcoux
• Susie Nash
• Geoffrey Nuttall
• Luca Palozzi
• Matthew Reeves
• Kim Woods

Revisiting the Monument pays tribute to Erwin Panofsky’s Tomb Sculpture: Four Lectures on Its Changing Aspects from Ancient Egypt to Bernini, which remains the most influential and comprehensive survey of funerary monu­ments to be published in the last fifty years. While Panofsky wrote a single, epic narrative charting the development of tomb sculpture from Antiquity to the Baroque, Revisiting the Monument is more akin to a series of short stories. The contributors are art historians with a keen interest in funerary monuments, whose research extends from the eleventh to sixteenth centuries and covers England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal. Each chapter represents a cross-section through the history of tomb sculpture, examining a particular tomb, group of tombs, or theme with wider implications for our understanding of funerary monuments. The methodologies extend close iconographic study of monuments to place them in their historic and social contexts, as well as in dialogue with other media. Recurring themes include monuments as sites of liminality, the reception and visibility of tombs, the relationship between corpse and monument, and the symbolic significance of materials. This collection of essays examines the great contribution made by Tomb Sculpture to the field, extends the debates begun by Panofsky, and suggests new avenues of enquiry within a rapidly expanding field.

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 Revisiting the Monument: Fifty Years Since Panofsky’s Tomb Sculpture  [17 MB] Full book

 Revisiting the Monument: Fifty Years Since Panofsky’s Tomb Sculpture [71 MB] Full book, high resolution

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[1.87 MB]
Jessica Barker


Erwin Panofsky’s Tomb Sculpture: Creating the Monument
[8.7 MB]
Susie Nash

I. Reassessing Panofsky

From the ‘Pictorial’ to the ‘Statuesque’: Two Romanesque Effigies and the Problem of Plastic Form.
[7.18 MB]
Shirin Fozi


Memory, Presence and the Medieval Tomb
[6.17 MB]
Robert Marcoux


Panofsky’s Tomb Sculpture and the Development of the Early Renaissance Floor Tomb: The Tomb Slab of Lorenzo Trenta by Jacopodella Quercia Reappraised.
[8.69 MB]
Geoffrey Nuttall

II. Monuments and their Viewers


Petrarch and Memorial Art: Blurring the Borders between Art Theory and Art Practice in Trecento Italy
[6.34 MB]
Luca Palozzi


Stone and Bone: The Corpse, the Effigy and the Viewer in Late-Medieval Tomb Sculpture
[8.12 MB]
Jessica Barker


Competing for Dextro Cornu Magnum Altaris: Funerary Monuments and Liturgical Seating in English Churches
[7.69 MB]
James Alexander Cameron



Panofsky: Materials and Condition
[3.9 MB]
Kim Woods


Revealed/Concealed: Monumental Brasses on Tomb Chests – The Examples of John I, Duke of Cleves, and Catherine of Bourbon
[8.94 MB]
Ann Adams


Veiling and Unveiling: The Materiality of the Tomb of John I of Avesnes and Philippa of Luxembourg in the Franciscan church of Valenciennes
[8.26 MB]
Sanne Frequin


 Nostre sépulture et derrenière maison’: A Reconsideration of the Tomb of Jean de Berry for the Sainte-Chapelle at Bourges, its Inception, Revision and Reconstruction
[6.39 MB]
Matthew Reeves


 Deconstructing Donatello and Michelozzo’s Brancacci Tomb
[4.84 MB]
Martha Dunkelman


Front and Back Matter [2.25 MB]

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