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Modernist Games: Cézanne and his Card Players

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Modernist Games

Cézanne and his Card Players


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Modernist Games: Cézanne and his Card Players

logo2[1]Edited by Satish Padiyar


With contributions by:

  • T. J. Clark
  • André Dombrowski
  • Gavin Parkinson
  • Charlotte de Mille
  • Satish Padiyar
  • Margaret Iversen

‘Introduces areas of debate, and novel approaches, into ‘Cézanne studies’, which are also of relevance to the wider discipline of art history‘.
Paul Smith, University of Warwick

‘A fine and stimulating collection of essays….Cézanne has always particularly attracted interpretation and analysis, in as much as his work holds seeming incongruities and presents the viewer with paradoxes. Its celebrated instability will never be brought to rest, and this collection reopens enquiry yet again, with reference to a particularly intriguing set of works…it makes a significant contribution to Cézanne scholarship’.
Brendan Prendeville, Goldsmiths

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Full%20Book%20thumb[1] Download the full e-book of Modernist Games: Cézanne and his Card Players
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Introduction and Front Matter

List of Images, Notes on Contributors
[1 MB]

Chapter 1
A House of Cards
T. J. Clark
[11 MB]

Dombrowski%20Thumb[1]Chapter 2
 The Cut and Shuffle: Card playing in Cézanne’s Card Players

André Dombrowski
[15 MB]

Parkinson%20Thumb[1]Chapter 3
 Greengrocer, bricklayer or seer? 
Surrealist Cézanne
Gavin Parkinson
[20 MB]


Chapter 4
 Improvisations on the theme of Cézanne
Charlotte de Mille
[10 MB]


Chapter 5
 Building a world between men 
(Or Cézanne with Arendt)
Satish Padiyar
[12 MB]


Chapter 6
 Chance and choice in Cézanne

Margaret Iversen
[9 MB]

Front-End%20Matter%20thumb[1] Plates and Back Matter
(Photograph Credits, Bibliography, Index)
[8 MB]

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