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Courtauld Books Online is a series of online scholarly books published by The Courtauld Institute of Art. The series includes research publications that emerge from Courtauld Research Forum events and Courtauld projects involving an array of outstanding scholars from art history and conservation across the world. The series consists of discrete books, shaped by a rigorous academic peer-review process. It is an open-access series, freely available to read online and to download without charge. The series has been developed in the context of research priorities of The Courtauld which emphasise the extension of knowledge in the fields of art history and conservation, and the development of new patterns of explanation.
Series Editor: Alixe Bovey
Managing Editor: Maria Mileeva

Courtauld Books Online Advisory Board:
Paul Binski (University of Cambridge)
Thomas Crow (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University)
Michael Ann Holly (Starr Director Emeritus of the Research and Academic Program, Clark Art Institute)

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Ruskin’s Ecologies: Figures of Relation from Modern Painters to the Storm-Cloud

Edited by Kelly Freeman and Thomas Hughes

An open-access book of fourteen essays by established and emerging writers that reconsider John Ruskin’s (1819–1900) teachings on art and architecture, his drawings, and scientific investigations—and the relations between such practices—in light of contemporary planetary concerns such as the life of things, conservation, and the role of art and imagination in negotiating human and other-than-human relations in an ever-imperiled world.

Essays by: Stephen Bann, Timothy Chandler, Kate Flint, Kelly Freeman, Lawrence Gasquet, Polly Gould, Thomas Hughes, Stephen Kite, Jeremy Melius, Ryan Roark, Nicholas Robbins, Courtney Skipton Long, Moran Sheleg, Giulia Weston.




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