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Dr Geoffrey Nuttall

Associate Lecturer

Geoffrey took his BA in Philosophy at University College London and an MPhil in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge. He served in the British army and then taught English at the British Institute in Florence. Returning to the UK, he worked for many years as an academic publisher. He did his MA in History of Art at Birkbeck College, writing his dissertation on Art and Faction in Florence at the beginning of the fifteenth century and his PhD at the Courtauld Institute, awarded in 2013, on the artistic patronage of merchants from the Tuscan city of Lucca between 1369 and 1430. He now combines art history with journals publishing for Edinburgh University Press.


  • Course lecturer – BA1 Art of the Renaissance Courts in London Collections.
  • Course Lecturer – BA2 Tale of Two Cities, Florence and Rome 1470-1512.
  • Foundations Lecturers, Block III, The Renaissance.


Research interests

  • Lucchese artistic patronage across Europe,1350-1550.
  • Jacopo della Quercia.
  • Italian Bankers in London from the Riccardi to the Buonvisi, 1250 to 1550.
  • The Unitarian Chapel, Britain Hill: its stained-glass window now in the Huntington Library, California, and the chapel’s patronage by the Healey family of Heywood, Lancashire.

Recent publications

  • “The Studiolo of Paolo Guinigi: Valois Influence in Early Renaissance Italy,” Studiolo, 8, The French Academy in Rome, 2010.
  • “The tomb as it stands: Vasari, Lucca Cathedral and Ilaria del Carretto,” in Una salata di più erbe: A Festschrift for Patricia Lee Rubin, Courtauld Institute of Art, 2011.
  • “Palla Strozzi and the Regime of Paolo Guinigi: Lucchese Influence in Early Fifteenth-Century Italy,” immediations, 2014
  • “Panofsky’s Paradox and the Floor Tomb of Lorenzo Trenta”, in Essays in Tomb Sculpture, Courtauld Books Online, (forthcoming, 2016).

Research grants

  • 2014, Chris and George Benter Fellowship, Huntington Library and Art Collections, San Marino, California, ‘The Healey Memorial Window and its Patrons.’

Other activity

  • Journals Publisher, Edinburgh University Press

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