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Claire Shea

PhD student

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Thesis: On Common Ground: Site-specific practice within the public realm in a global context

Supervised by Marko Daniel and Wenny Teo

My research examines the varied definitions of ‘public space’ as the site and subject of artistic practice in a globalized context. The main focus of this research will be on artistic practice that marks the intersection of state control with the public sphere. Specifically, it will interrogate existing definitions of site-specific practice and the development of this practice in the ‘public sphere’ outside of a Western context and in relation to the digital commons. By examining the production of works that are ephemeral, un-monumental or that produce dialogue, this research will analyse how artists are expanding established definitions of ‘site-specificity’.

Looking at past research surrounding public space, this research examines the development of the street, square and courtyard and their socio-cultural meanings. To do so, it will employ an interdisciplinary approach using broadly deconstructive and psychoanalytic methodologies. It would also explore the role of monuments and public sculpture as characteristics of these public spaces.

Research interests

  • public sphere
  • globalization
  • site-specificity

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