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The Courtauld Study Tours – Online – Online Delivery

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Exploring the Past

The Courtauld Study Tours - Online - Online Delivery


Exploring the Past: The Courtauld Study Tours – Online

The Courtauld Study Tours – Online – Online Delivery

Our Online Delivery Method

Online Study Tours effectively run over the course of a long week-end – Friday to Sunday – maintaining our usual tours’ focused, intensive and immersive experience.  However, we acknowledge that online learning operates on a different timetable and we will make lectures available to you three days in advance of the course, so that you can absorb them fully at times convenient to you.

Each tour consists of two, complementary components:

Pre-recorded lectures

These are, firstly, pre-recorded Zoom lectures that will be delivered to you as Youtube videos.  Each lecture is one hour long, and will be divided into discrete parts with their own learning outcomes.  The end of each section marks an appropriate point at which to pause and take a break. This format of lecturing in bite-sized parts reduces screen-fatigue, and enables you to learn at your own pace and at times convenient to you, in whatever time-zone you find yourself.   For the Friday of your course, you will receive two such lectures, and one lecture each for Saturday and Sunday.

Live Seminars

Secondly, your tutor will hold live seminars with you on Saturday and Sunday.
Zoom discussions are accessed via a web-link which we will email to you prior to the weekend.

The tutor-led seminars will be held at 14:00 BST [British Summer Time], and, depending on student numbers, also at 16:00 BST, and they will additionally be recorded and made available to you after each session.  These seminars will use Zoom video conferencing software to examine relevant works of art and architecture closely and to discuss topics raised in the pre-recorded lectures. These sessions enable you to ‘meet’ your tutor and fellow students. To participate you will only need an internet enabled device; you do not need a Zoom account.

If you have questions that you were not able to raise in the discussions, you will also be able to communicate with your tutor via a Forum on our VLE [Virtual Learning Environment] up to the Friday following your tour, while a second, ‘social’ online forum will enable you to exchange ideas with your fellow students.  As ever, the VLE will also supply you with selected pre-reading materials and with handouts relating to your tour.

Fees and booking

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