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Summer School 2021 – Online – June Courses

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Summer School 2021 – Online – June Courses


Summary of courses available in June

Under each week please find a summary of available courses; click ‘Read more’ to see the course’s full description.

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Summer School 2021

Monday 7 – Friday 11 June 2021


Course 1

Illuminating the Middle Ages: Interactions with Manuscripts

Maggie Crosland and Teresa Lane

Illuminated manuscripts are among the most beautiful works of art to survive from the Middle Ages… Read more >


Course 2

Collections and Marketplaces: The Business of Art in Italy, 1500-1700

Dr Barbara Furlotti

Collecting has always represented a mark of distinction for Italian elites. From the late sixteenth century onwards… Read more >


Course 3

The Art of Weimar Germany: Modernity in the Balance

Dr Niccola Shearman

The Weimar Republic’s startling rate of social progress was matched by a dizzying variety of cultural expressions keeping pace with perpetual change… Read more >


NEW Course 4

Faith, Fashion, Fairy Tales: Contemporary South Asian Art and the Gender Revolution

Dr Zehra Jumabhoy

Encompassing ‘virtual visits’ to studios and museums, this Course will re-dress definitions of femininity, masculinity and the in-between in contemporary South Asian art… Read more >

Monday 14 – Friday 18 June 2021


Course 5

The Merchants of Lucca: Art, Patronage and Luxury, 1300-1500

Dr Geoffrey Nuttall

For over 200 years, merchants from the small Tuscan city of Lucca dominated the production and sale of sumptuous silks and phenomenally expensive gold and silver brocades throughout western Europe… Read more >


Course 6

The Art of the Sultans: Ottoman Art and Architecture

Dr Antonia Gatward Cevizli

The skyline of Istanbul is one of the most recognisable in the world. However, the Ottoman artistic tradition is less widely known… Read more >


Course 7

‘Modern Painters’: British Art and Modernity, 1848-1900

Dr Katherine Faulkner

1848 was a year of violent reaction across the globe, of revolutions from France to Brazil, the publication of the Communist Manifesto and Chartist riots in Britain… Read more >


NEW Course 8

American Museum, Global Modernism: The Museum of Modern Art in the World, 1929-1959

Dr Matthew Holman

With a modest collection of eight prints and one drawing, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) opened in 1929 and declared its ambition to provide New York with ‘the greatest museum of modern art in the world.’…  Read more >

Monday 21 – Friday 25 June 2021


Course 9

Art for the Friars in Early Renaissance Italy

Dr John Renner

This course examines the decisive impact on the art of central Italy, from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries, of the emergence of new religious orders: the mendicant friars…  Read more >


Course 10

Van Eyck at the Burgundian Court

Dr Richard Williams

The paintings of Jan van Eyck and his contemporaries in the fifteenth-century Netherlands are examined in this course in their wider context and from fresh perspectives…  Read more >


Course 11

Russian Art 1863-1932: Innovations, Influences and the Roots of Modernity

Dr Natalia Murray

This course examines the history of Russian art in all its diversity from the first artists’ rebellion against St. Petersburg’s almighty Art Academy in 1863, the blossoming of arts in Russia’s ‘Silver Age’, to the upsurge of avant-garde art and its subsequent disappearance after 1932, when Socialist Realism became the only artistic style permitted in the Soviet Union…  Read more >


Course 12

Looted Art: An Introduction to Nazi Spoliation, Provenance Research and Restitution

MaryKate Cleary

In the context of WWII and the Holocaust, Nazi officials perpetrated a co-ordinated programme of art and cultural property dispossession; one of the greatest thefts in history…  Read more >

Monday 28 June – Friday 2 July 2021


Course 13

A World in Pieces: Medieval Mosaics

Dr George Bartlett, with contributions by Professor Liz James

Mosaics are the largest and most spectacular works of art from the medieval world, used to create some of the most sumptuous and spectacular celebrations of religious and secular power…  Read more >


NEW Course 14

Women Artists in France, 1770-1914

Dr Lois Oliver

Women artists in France created astonishingly rich oeuvres, despite considerable professional obstacles. Excluded from the official École des Beaux-Arts until 1897, they also faced prejudice from art critics and dealers who regarded genius as a male attribute…  Read more >


Course 15

Travelling Light: Turner, Constable and the Shape of British Art

Nicola Moorby

This course will explore a fascinating aspect of British art history, the parallel careers of John Constable and J.M.W. Turner. Between them, these giants of landscape painting revolutionised the status of their genre…  Read more >


NEW Course 16

Fantasies Reframed: Orientalism and its Contexts

Emily Christensen and Ambra D’Antone

Orientalist paintings are complex works with a contentious history: a popular genre in 19th– and early 20th-century Europe, they have been variously described as historically significant snapshots of life in ‘the Orient’ and as ideologically constructed fantasies created in the minds and studios of the European artists who painted them…  Read more >

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