Summer School 2021 - Course 31 - The Courtauld Institute of Art

Summer School 2021 – Course 31

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Course 31

Global Britain: Painting, Print Culture and Patronage, c. 1700-1800

Dr Kate Grandjouan

Summer School – Online
Monday 26 – Friday 30 July 2021

Course description

This course investigates the rich artistic legacies of the eighteenth century when British society, powered by the twin forces of imperial expansion and consumer revolution, was radically transformed. Many quintessentially modern phenomena originate in the period: mass media, seductive shops, the cult of celebrity and vibrant spaces for the arts. In this heady mix of art, money and empire, Britain was attracting artists from across the world while modern global networks were offering local artists new forms of patronage in distant parts. The course concentrates on the media of paint and print and it aims to investigate the energy – and friction – generated by this early modern meeting of the local and global. Artistic production and consumption will be examined from a variety of angles and within different contexts – the court and the city, the studio, the print shop and the exhibition room. We will be thinking about Britons in Europe and Europeans in Britain, about colonial identities and imperial contexts. The key question (and topical question in the Brexit era of ‘Global Britain’) is what was British about British art in the eighteenth-century?

N.B. This is an extended version of Dr Grandjouan’s previous course ‘Cosmopolitan Britain: Painting, Print Culture and Patronage in the Eighteenth Century’

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