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Summer School 2021 – Course 28

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Beyond the Brillo Box: Re-examining Pop Art 1947-1989

Dr Tom Day

Summer School – Online
Monday 19 – Friday 23 July 2021

A statue of a man sitting in a chair, a cigarette and coffee cup.

Statue of Andy Warhol in Bratislava, Slovakia. Photo credit: Peter Zelizňák. CC BY-SA 3.0

Course description

This course questions the assumption that Pop Art is merely a celebration of everyday consumer products and popular culture.  Its techniques of immediacy and mimicry have certainly made it one of the most widely recognisable styles in art history. But while Andy Warhol’s Marilyns and Roy Lichtenstein’s comic book appropriations are all too familiar to us now, at the time of its emergence in the 1960s, the divisive and path-breaking Pop art movement sent shockwaves through the global art establishment. This course aims not only to introduce students to Pop Art through an examination of artists and artworks from a range of periods and geographic locations, but also to change our way of thinking about Pop, exploring a sophisticated critical engagement with mass and popular culture behind the apparently ‘simple’ style.

The course proposes an expanded and interdisciplinary view of the movement that attends to its varied manifestations from its genesis in Britain in the 1940s to its expansion throughout the globe from the late 1950s onwards. We shall explore the many voices that contributed to Pop Art in relation to central issues of gender, race and sexuality that expressed themselves in an array of different media. You will encounter the work of artists like Gretchen Bender, Dara Birnbaum, Pauline Boty, Rosalyn Drexler, Red Grooms, Richard Hamilton, Jann Haworth, Jeff Koons, Natalia Lach-Lachowicz, Roy Lichtenstein, Marisol, Keiichi Tanaami and Andy Warhol.

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