Spring and Autumn Courses 2021 - Online - The Courtauld Institute of Art

Spring and Autumn Courses 2021 – Online

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The Courtauld Short Courses

Spring and Autumn Courses 2021 - Online


The Courtauld Short Courses 2021 – Online

Spring and Autumn Courses 2021 – Online

Essential Introductions: Art History and Art Theory in the wider Cultural Context


Programmes in the Spring and Autumn Schools


Making Sense of…Courses

These intensive, five-day courses explore fundamental aspects of the visual arts.  Organised thematically, they go considerably beyond introductory surveys, and are intended to provide a solid basis for further studies in areas of Western art from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, and of the arts of the Islamic world.

Variations on a Theme

This is a new strand of interdisciplinary courses for those who are interested in exploring the visual arts in relation to other manifestations of culture.  Our pilot course in this programme brings together an art historian and a musician to investigate the challenges and joys of ‘Modernism’.

Media, Materials and Methods

This second new course type foregrounds aspects of the practice of art-making, which are then also situated in the historical contexts of patronage and reception.  Our first course in this programme explores the watercolour medium in the hands of one of its foremost practitioners: J.M.W. Turner.

An Introduction to Art History

This course is intended to provide a strong basis for students’ critical engagement with the techniques and materials, the representational conventions, and the interpretation and curation of Western art. Please note, this course is now full.

Spring and Autumn Courses

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