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The Old and the New: Creative Contrasts

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The Old and the New: Creative Contrasts


RichardSerraPrimarySchoolproject718 students aged 6 to 11 from Heronsgate Primary School participated in a project The Old and the New: Creative Contrasts from the 11th – 25th November 2013. Students explored a wide range of drawing techniques through workshops in the gallery and back at school inspired by the exhibition The Young Dürer: Drawing the Figure and Richard Serra: Drawings for The Courtauld.  Pupils utilised Richard Serra’s comments on the drawing process as a manifesto for their creative enquirey into the exhibitions:

[…] process has always taken precedence over results. Preconceptions limit the working process thereby reducing the possibility of discovery.

RichardSerraPrimarySchoolproject13Focusing on process and the experience of drawing the group worked on collaborative and independent drawings, experimenting with a range of approaches to drawing and materials to create unusual and unexpected work.  Activities included drawing self-portraits through touch with closed eyes!

Reflecting on their experience, pupils commented:

I enjoyed drawing the map face because you could draw yourself and add some beautiful patterns.  The hardest one was drawing your own face with closed eyes but I really enjoyed the lesson it was cool and fun.

– Kim

I liked how it was quiet and peaceful when we went into all the different rooms.  At the workshop in school I liked that you can make mistakes.

– Kaiya

I enjoyed going to the gallery because inside the gallery we got taught new techniques in art.  We also learned about the two artists and we got to do our own versions of their work.

– Bethlehem

I like seeing the splat painting because it shode me that you can mack mestacks.  Richod Sererar is like me when it comes to art.

– Anon


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