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Seeing Double: Mughal Reflections in South Asian art

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Seeing Double: Mughal Reflections in South Asian art

A royal sit and contemplates a flower.

Detail of: Nusra Latif Qureshi, Regal Blessings III, 2009. Image courtesy of the artist and the Hundal Collection, exhibited at South Asia Institute Chicago for Old Traditions, New Narratives: South Asian Miniatures

  • Saturday 10 April 2021
    PLEASE NOTE: This Date Has Passed
    3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


    Online via Zoom

Organised by

  • Dr Anne Puetz - Head of Short Courses, The Courtauld

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This Study Event will provide both historical and current perspectives on South Asia’s imperial past. ‘Reflecting’ on the Mughals is pivotal to the way India and Pakistan envision their nations – and grapple with their (post)colonial history. Our discussions will revolve around the South Asia Institute of Chicago’s landmark exhibition, Old Traditions, New Narratives: South Asian Miniatures, which encompasses ‘traditional’ miniature paintings as well as contemporary re-interpretations of them. The session will create unique opportunities to experience the show virtually, meet its organisers and discuss its dominant themes. Speakers will include the South Asia Institute’s founders – collectors Afzal and Shireen Ahmad – executive director Asad Ali Jafri, artist Nusra Latif Qureshi and South Asian art historian Dr Zehra Jumabhoy.

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