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As an offer holder, you are very welcome to reach out to a range of academics at The Courtauld to discuss the BA History of Art course, modules, and any other academic questions you may have.

Dr Jessica Barker

Dr Jessica Barker

Hi, I’m Jessica, and I’m a lecturer in Medieval Art History here at The Courtauld, as well as the Deputy Head of Admissions for BA History of Art. As a specialist in medieval art, specifically sculptural art, I teach BA2 Constellations Art, Travel and Imagination in the Middle Ages. 

Please ask me any questions about the courses at The Courtauld, especially those pertaining to the Middle Ages.


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Image of Sussan Babaie wearing red glasses

Dr Sussan Babaie

Hi, I’m Sussan. In 2013, I took up a newly established post teaching Islamic and Iranian arts. I lecture BA1 Foundations on Istanbul, Isfahan and Delhi, BA2 Constellations: From Shiraz to Beijing: Persian Arts in the Global Fifteenth Century, and the BA3 Special Option on contemporary arts of Iran. My research interests include the early modern Safavid period, focusing on urbanism and empire studies as well as sexuality and the social habits of ‘seeing’.

Please ask me questions about my research and my courses at The Courtauld, or any specific queries about The Courtauld courses in the Early Modern period.

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Guido Rebeccinis face

Dr Guido Rebecchini

Hi, I’m Guido and I am a lecturer in 16th Century Southern European Art, and I teach BA3 Special Option: Michelangelo. One strand of my research focussed on the court of Mantua in the first half of the 16th century and was especially concerned with patronage and collecting.

Since 2019, I have also been Associate Dean for students, meaning I am responsible for aspects of welfare, and serve as an advocate for students within the institution. Please feel free to ask any questions about my teaching, research or student welfare.

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Susie Nash sat in front of a fireplace

Dr Susie Nash

Hello, my name is Susie and I joined The Courtauld in 1993, and have since taught here on the art of Northern Europe in the late medieval and renaissance period. I have worked and published on illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, textiles, metalwork and panel painting from across northern Europe, including Spain. I teach BA 2 course: Frameworks (blocks on Visual Historiography and Technical Art History) and BA 3 course: Arts at the Valois Courts of France 1360-1422.

Ask me anything about my teaching, research, and publications.

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Scott Nethersole teaching a lecture at a podium

Dr Scott Nethersole

Hi there, I’m Scott, Senior Lecturer in Italian Renaissance Art (1400-1500) here at The Courtauld.I teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students and I’m a specialist in the art of Renaissance Florence. Recently, I’ve been thinking about connections between Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Europe in the 15th century. On the undergraduate side, I currently teach BA3: Manifestations of Power: The Visual Culture of Fifteenth-Century Florence.

Feel free to ask me anything about the courses on offer at The Courtauld, or if you have more specific queries about my teaching.

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Robin Schuldenfrei face in front of somerset house

Dr Robin Schuldenfrei

Hello, I’m Robin, Katja and Nicolai Tangen Senior Lecturer in 20th Century Modernism, and Head of Admissions for BA History of Art. My teaching focuses on the history and theory of European and American modern architecture and design. I lecture across every year of the BA programme, and my modules include The Modern Interior and The Global Political City: Urban Issues in Contemporary Art.

Please reach out with questions about the courses at The Courtauld, or my teaching specifically.

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