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Alumni FAQs

Alumni FAQs

Richard Long exhibition, Courtauld Summer Party, June 2011

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered here or in another part of the website, please contact the Alumni Relations Manager at

The Courtauld Association

Q: What is the Courtauld Association?
A: The Courtauld Association is a membership organisation within The Courtauld Institute of Art. It was founded in October 2007 to mark the 75th Jubilee year of the first intake of students at The Courtauld in October 1932. It unites current and former staff and students of The Courtauld under one umbrella group.

Q: Is there a charge for Courtauld Association membership?
A: No. Courtauld Association membership is completely free and granted automatically to all those eligible.

Q: What is the Courtauld Association Network site? How can I access it?
A: The Courtauld Association Network site,, is a bespoke, password-protected site for members.

Q: How do I get a Courtauld Association membership card?
A: All members with whom we were in touch were mailed a Courtauld Association card in 2007. All incoming students receive cards at the beginning of the academic year.  If you do not have a Courtauld Association card, please contact

Q: I studied at The Courtauld but did not complete my degree. Am I eligible to be part of The Courtauld Association?
A: We are happy to include former students who studied here for at least a semester, but did not complete a degree, in The Courtauld Association. This may include, but is not limited to, occasional students, junior year abroad students, or those who left a degree early for medical or personal reasons. If you have specific questions about your eligibility, please contact

Q: I’m a Courtauld alumnus but don’t receive any communication. Why not and how can I change this?
A: The most likely reason is that we do not have your current contact details.  Please email with your name, graduation date(s) and postal address, and we will be in touch regarding your Courtauld Association membership.

Q: I attended a Courtauld Summer School, Showcasing Art History, or Short Course. Am I eligible for membership to the Courtauld Association membership?
A: Unfortunately not. Courtauld Association membership is restricted to those who studied at The Courtauld as part of a degree course.

Q: Are there terms to Courtauld Association membership? 
A: Yes. The full terms of reference of reference are in the courtauld-association-constitution

Q: What kinds of communication do Courtauld Association members receive?
A: Courtauld Association members receive regular e-bulletins with relevant events and information, as well as a free issue of The Courtauld News once a year in the post. If you are not receiving this information and would like to, please contact

Other Questions

Q: I need a copy of my academic transcript. Who should I contact?

A: For transcripts or other verifications of study at The Courtauld, please contact the Student Services office in the Academic Registry at

Q: As a Courtauld alumnus, can I use The Courtauld library?
A: Yes. Courtauld alumni are very welcome to use the book library during regular opening hours. Simply present your Courtauld Association card at the main desk. Courtauld alumni do not have borrowing privileges.
More information about the book library, including opening hours

Q: As a Courtauld alumnus, can I come to the Gallery for free?
A: As The Courtauld relies on income from Gallery admissions to sustain its activity, we are not able to offer free or reduced admission to alumni.
However, alumni can become Friends of the Courtauld at the discounted rate of £40 per year (normally £60), which provides unlimited access to the gallery for you and a guest, and a range of other benefits.
More information about the Friends.

Q: I am hoping to contact a particular Courtauld graduate. Can you give me their contact details?
A: For data protection reasons, we are unable to pass on personal contact details. If you are a Courtauld alumnus yourself, please log onto The Courtauld Association Network site at and see if the person you are looking for is registered; if so, you can contact him or her through the site.
If this method does not work or is not available, please contact the Alumni Relations Manager at with your enquiry; she may be able to pass along a message to the person in question.

Q: I receive information from the Courtauld Research Forum. Is this sent by the Alumni Office?
A: No.  The Research Forum operates independently of the Courtauld Association.
Further information about the Research Forum.

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