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The Courtauld is small but mighty – and our alumni are testament to that.

Spread across 83 countries, our graduates go on to have a tremendous global impact – not only in the art world but also in politics, law, media, technology, marketing, medicine, finance and many other areas. From leading major galleries to initiating life-saving NHS programmes, what connects each of these alumni is the desire to encourage debate, influence change and advocate the power of art as a medium to stimulate a different view of the world.

Here is just a snapshot of some of these ground-breaking alumni, which we have divided into four ‘pillars’: Challengers, Advocates, Influencers and Leaders.



Those who are challenging the status quo through art – politically, socially and economically.

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Those who have moved into non-arts sectors but can clearly articulate how, through their studies at The Courtauld, they were able to transfer their skills successfully into a non-visual arts field.

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Those who are connected across the art world and are influencing debate and conversation through fields such as curating and journalism.

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Those who are leading and transforming major public galleries, museums and institutions across the globe.

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